Home invasion Ex-investigator beaten up: 32 months for the driver


A crack addict who served as a driver for criminals who beat up a former organized crime investigator in his home has just been sentenced to 32 months in prison.

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” [L’ex-policier] was hit with various objects, including a brick and a snow brush. One of the suspects told one of the accomplices to ‘shoot’ him, ”Crown prosecutor Antonio Parapuf said on Wednesday at the Montreal courthouse.

Just before, Louis-Simon Jacques, 31, pleaded guilty to break and enter and conspiracy, for his participation in the beating of ex-investigator Pietro Poletti, in June 2020 at his Montreal home.

That day, three people knocked on his door. And barely entered, the trio began to beat the victim, who defended himself. At one point, one of the attackers attacked the ex-investigator’s 87-year-old mother.

Pietro Poletti, Ex-investigator

Archive photo

Pietro Poletti, Ex-investigator

“The suspect tore off the chain from her neck and she was pushed into the stairs,” said the Crown.

The exact motives for the attack, which lasted a few minutes before the trio fled, are unknown in the car Jacques had parked on a street corner.

Except that what everyone was unaware of was that Jacques had placed himself under a surveillance camera, which captured the scene.

Addicted to crack

According to what was explained to the court this morning, Jacques did not take part in the attack, but as a driver he had criminal responsibility, which he admitted by pleading guilty.

It was also explained that at the time, Jacques was a heavy user of crack cocaine, and acted as a driver for criminals. Instead of being paid in money, he was paid in drugs and he did not ask questions about the crimes in which he was complicit.

“Before being a prisoner of the Canadian prison system, he was a prisoner of his use of crack,” commented to the Newspaper his lawyer, Me Tom Pentefountas.

Taking into account the preventive detention, Jacques has another 18 months to serve. Thereafter, he will have to respect a two-year probation.

His co-defendants, for their part, still have to stand trial.



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