Hollywood and the 9 most "hypocritical" topics: China, #MeToo, Climate Change ...

Hollywood and the 9 most “hypocritical” topics: China, #MeToo, Climate Change …

Hypocrisy in Hollywood comes in many varieties, and has grown as many celebrities try to expand their reach on social media through the rhetoric of radicalism. The movie in the end failed? Was the sitcom on Netflix canceled after just one season? It’s okay – career redemption is still there if you worship woke politics.

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Hollywood elites, despite their seemingly profound statements, often do not use themselves as an example. From #MeToo to climate change to China, the entertainment industry still sticks to the old adage: “Do what we say, not what we do.”

Breitbart has summarized the 9 most “hypocritical” topics in Hollywood:

#MeToo movement (# Me too)

Nothing exposes Hollywood’s radical hypocrisy more than the #MeToo scandals that continue to rock the entertainment industry. Harvey Weinstein is one of the biggest fundraisers for Democrats in Hollywood, having supported the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He is currently sitting in a prison in New York with a 23-year sentence for rape and sexual assault.


Hollywood has repeatedly labeled former President Donald Trump a fascist. However, the industry has enthusiastically “went to bed” with China as many studios are willing to bow to the satisfaction of dictators in Beijing. The Walt Disney Company is one of the most infamous knelters. They filmed Mulan in an area known for its Uighur concentration camps, where ethnic minority women were systematically raped. As the box office in China overtakes the United States, Hollywood studios are slowly realizing that they need China more than China needs them.

The Earth is warming

There is no reason Hollywood loves like blaming humans for consuming a lot of energy for warming up the earth. Yet themselves are among the biggest offenders, with stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Harrison Ford regularly flying private jets and sailing on private yachts, while out of the mouth. always openly support “green initiatives”.


Hollywood loves Georgia’s financial incentives for film and television production, earning more than $ 800 million annually. But showbiz elites hate Georgia’s new “Voter Integrity Act”, when celebrities accuse it of “persecuting voters.” To show their “appreciation” for all the state has done for them, some Hollywood liberalists are currently refusing to work in Georgia to protest against the law.

Gun control

Celebrities love to promote gun control laws, and stars have been cheering for Joe Biden’s recent actions. However, many of them still use their own security measures. Films and TV shows strongly develop content about gun violence.


Hollywood stars harshly denounced Donald Trump as a racist and “literally Hitler.” However, many of them ignore it when people on their side engage in racist acts.

Blockade due to pandemic

Celebrities in Hollywood advocate for the economic shutdown during the Wuhan corona virus epidemic, urging people to stay home as much as possible. While the stars still sparkle in their splendor, thousands of blue-collar workers have lost their jobs. California Governor Gavin Newsom finally reopened the entertainment industry in November. Studios are said to have hired expensive lobbying companies to convince him.

Open the border

Many famous people also condemn President Trump’s immigration policy, calling it racist and xenophobic. However, many stars live in strictly protected neighborhoods with inaccessible to outsiders.

Health care

Hollywood is one of the biggest cheerleading places for Obamacare. Ironically, the American Federation of Screen Actors and Broadcasters (SAG-AFTRA) is facing a class action lawsuit from its members, accusing the union. The industry has withdrawn health care services for elderly actors during a pandemic.

Nhat Minh (compiled by Breitbart News)

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