"Holiday Warm Ocean" Feng Suzhen chasing stars off fans back to step on, netizens: too real!

“Holiday Warm Ocean” Feng Suzhen chasing stars off fans back to step on, netizens: too real!

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Recently, “Holiday Warm Ocean” starring Yao Chen, Bai Yu, Dapeng and Zhang Qingqing is now on the air. This New Year TV series is suitable for all ages. In addition to Yao Chen and Bai Yu’s sister and brother love the CP line, other characters in the story The story is also very interesting, such as Bin Bin and Xiao Ke, Chen Nuannuan and Yan Liwei, as well as the enviable sisterhood between Xu Yi and Tang Xuan, are worth talking about separately. However, in the play, Feng Suzhen and daughter played by Zhang Tong This line with her daughter’s boyfriend is also particularly eye-catching.

The reason is that Feng Suzhen’s role is so brilliant! Especially in the latest plot, Feng Suzhen vividly performed the disaster scene of a star-chaser girl who took off her fans and stepped on her back, making the audience feel so substantiated that the audience shouted the truth!

Zhang Tong plays the second daughter-in-law of Chen Jia, Feng Suzhen, a university professor who has been widowed for many years. On the surface, she looks quiet and elegant, which is very popular with her mother-in-law. But in fact, Feng Suzhen is a senior rock lover, knows many rock bands, and was a fan of Yan Liwei when she was young, so when her family saw Yan Liwei in the villa, she recognized each other at first sight.

When traveling on vacation, encountering a young idol, who is not so excited and overwhelmed with such luck? The moment Feng Suzhen recognized Yan Liwei, she instantly turned into a little fan. She was so excited that her eyes were showing love, and she was always excited to express her love for Yan Liwei.

In this episode of Zhang Tong’s chance encounter with an idol, Teacher Zhang Tong is truly amazing, showing a fan of excitement and a little panic, excitement, and chattering spirit. Anyone who wants to see their favorite idol stand on their own face will be excited and happy as if they won the lottery? At this time, Feng Suzhen completely forgot that she was a dignified and stable university professor, and she did not care about the so-called decent and manners. She also pulled her daughter to the front and excitedly introduced Yan Liwei to her daughter. The picture is too much for her favorite idol Amway gave it to friends around him.

Feng Suzhen also took the idol to chat together, eagerly expressed her sincerity to the other party, and happily took out her mobile phone to make friends with the other party, and also said that she could buy ingredients to go to the idol’s home to eat rice. After being tactfully rejected, she immediately expressed herself I dream of traveling by car and let my idol be my guide. This is obviously wanting to run with idols outright!

But what Professor Feng didn’t expect was that some people were the first to make it.

And this person is no one else, it is her daughter Chen Nuannuan, who has been raised with hard work.

The idol he has been worshipping in the altar is actually talking to his daughter! love! Love! Daughter and idol rushed, epic collapsed house, nightmare in nightmare! I’m afraid that Feng Suzhen’s heart will burst, and the whole person will doubt life.

Feng Suzhen, who knew the truth, naturally couldn’t accept this fact. The so-called love is as deep as hate is. Although Yan Liwei is Feng Suzhen’s idol, after learning that Yan Liwei is in love with her daughter, Feng Suzhen’s attitude towards Yan Liwei can be regarded as a large fan of fans and returning to the scene. He called Yan Liwei a knife and fell, and the knife was deadly!

Feng Suzhen is the first step, young is not a problem, but life is a problem. Feng Suzhen doesn’t play round and round to hit the core of the problem. The age gap between you and my daughter is too big. My daughter Fenghua Zhengmao is a bad old man. Your age gap determines the difference in life and concepts.

Feng Suzhen is the second step, my daughter is a top student, you have no education. This supplement is very beautiful, clearly organized, and to the point.

Feng Suzhen is the third step. You don’t have a stable source of income, and you can’t support your dreams, let alone Chen Nuannuan’s happiness. This step is a step-by-step analysis, which gives Yan Liwei no chance to refute.

I have to say that this section of Zhang Tong and Hu Jun’s performance is really wonderful, and Feng Suzhen restored the picture of turning off fans to the right place. Moreover, Feng Suzhen’s reaction was reasonable, and it was in line with Feng Suzhen’s characteristics as a professor at Kochi University. She did not vent hysterically, but instead raised realistic questions sharply and portrayed Feng Suzhen’s calmness and rationality very well.

Many people may see Zhang Tong just familiar, but they don’t know that she graduated from Chinese opera, and she is classmates with Zhang Ziyi, Mei Ting, and Zeng Li. Both her looks and acting skills are very good.

Zhang Tong’s well-known role is the Queen in “Supreme Beauty”. She was really a beautiful beauty at that time. It’s just that at the time, the editor only watched the protagonist fall in love. The role of Queen Wang was not very pleasing in the early stage in order to consolidate the influence and framed Wu Meiniang, so that she completely ignored her appearance and acting skills.

In addition, she played the role of Absolute Beauty in “The Love History of the Tang Dynasty”. This role is dignified and charming. In the play, she is the biological mother of Princess Gao Yang. Although there are not many scenes, she leaves a deep impression.

In “Holiday Warm Ocean”, whether she is acting against Chen Xiaoyi or partnering with Hu Jun, she is very stable, absolutely powerful acting school, this time she played the role of Feng Suzhen in the play, which can be appreciated by the audience. Like is completely deserved.

In fact, in the play, Feng Suzhen and Yan Liwei have a strong sense of CP, but according to the current form, the ending of the story is afraid that Feng Suzhen will accept the fact that her daughter is in love with an idol, and the idol becomes her own son-in-law. Does it seem good?


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