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Holding Note 10 in my hand, it feels very different …

The Note 10 is really a very different phone, different from the feeling of holding in your hand to the way you experience the screen, and different from the way you type the keyboard (a lot more accurate). I am really impressed with the Note 10, and to me, it is currently the most used Android device (waiting for Pixel 4 to see if Note 10 has been overtaken or not)

The feeling is very different

This year's Galaxy Note 10 continues to use curved screens on both sides, but this year Samsung has adjusted the design of the border that it seamlessly from top to bottom. Last year's Note 9 was still a bit overwhelming because of the diamond bezel, so it still feels a bit rough in the hand, while the Note 10 is very soft, like the feeling of you holding a friend (Note 9) and hold your girlfriend's hand (Note 10). Obviously, my girlfriend likes it more

Of course, the quality of the finishing and coherence of the machine is also made better than last year. Brothers who use Note 8, Note 9 quickly upgrade to Note 10, what are you waiting for?

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The screen experience is very different

The screen of the Note 10 is very sexy thanks to the thin bezel. Actually, the top and bottom is not thin, but it is still very thin and extremely impressive, it is also thinner than most high-end phones on the market today. If you hold the Note 10 in your hand, you will feel like you are holding a screen, there is no border. Looking at the screen of Note 10 will see more impressive than both the Galaxy S10 and S10 +. Note 10+ is a bit big so I don't like it, I like it more.

And just like the Galaxy S10's camera hole, the Note 10's camera hole won't make you uncomfortable using it. You don't even notice it, as if it doesn't exist. This effect has been proven with a notch, a drop of water, and now a small dot of Note 10 will be nothing. Of course if Samsung makes the full screen always better, but the Note 10 is already a very good experience.

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The keyboard is very good to type, very different from other Androids

Perhaps thanks to the harmony of height, width … so the experience of typing on Note 10 is very accurate. Do not think that the same software experience the same, no, it depends a lot on ergonomics, including key height, key spacing, distance from the bottom edge of the key to the screen .. .

I used to feel comfortable typing with my iPhone 4s, iPhone XS Max and Bphone 3, now I will add Note 10 to this list. When typing, you can move your fingers comfortably, without flexing your fingers, using them for a long time without getting tired.

I talked more about the keyboard case in the article What makes the virtual keyboard type good and accurate, invite you to discuss more if interested in keyboard.

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The back is pink, very different

Do you think this pink is for women only? I disagree, because this pink rose gold style, looks very beautiful, luxurious and suitable for men too. I think the pink color of Note 10 is the best among this year's color options. The back of the rainbow looks strange and fun, but it can't be pink.

Note 10 is also redesigned Samsung, more neat than previous years. The fingerprint sensor is no longer available, it's already integrated into the display. The back of Note 10 is now only a large glass with a black camera cluster as the highlight.

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Speed ​​is also different

I'm not sure if Samsung has any more optimizations for the interface, but I found the Note 10 to run very fast, smoother than the S10. Theoretically, the Note 10's chip is a bit more powerful, the RAM is a bit more, but the difference is usually not so great that you might notice it clearly as in the case of the Note 10. Samsung interface is strongly customized so you will have a different view now compared to the old days. I also have a Note 9 next to me, holding it up to try and see the difference compared to Note 10. It's only been a year, it's so different.

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If anyone says that I am Samfan, I will suffer =)) I love Note 10. I will experience it a little longer, and use more Note 10+, what's good I will share with you guys.

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