#Hoitinhte - What do you think about the level of cars?

#Hoitinhte – What do you think about the level of cars?

First of all, I would like to say that in Vietnam, upgrading and parking is not allowed and here is a change of the structure of the vehicle. However, car enthusiasts often tell each other that playing a car without being penniless would rather not play. Because the upgraded pô is not only more or less to improve the performance of the car, but also to bring excitement to the driver. But not everyone can bear it and like the noise of the poppy trees when walking on the street. Especially if you ride a motorbike into the alleyway, but also try to express it, the gas is no longer desirable. :)

From a personal point of view, I do not support the pacing, especially the motorbike pôs that only aim to amplify the sound of the engine as much as possible. Because for me, passion is good but do not cause negative impacts on the community and make people around them uncomfortable. So what do you think about the problem of leveling, in both the perspective of the car player and in the role of the person who must hear the language when participating in traffic?


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