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#Hoitinhte: At what age should children have their own phone?

The issue of which age children are allowed to use their mobile phones to communicate with their parents or relatives is still one of many debates between schools. If there is a house, it is assumed that what they need must have such things, even if it creates more danger in the world that has many dangers. If there is a home, it is necessary to have a child to have a device to communicate with relatives.

My house followed the second trend, so several years before the children were in kindergarten, they were equipped with some kind of locator watches. But when it came to the age of primary school age, it seems that the demand for these students has increased by more than 1 level is not only listening to their parents but also exchanging messages or calling with classmates. In the first grade, I still wore a watch like a kindergarten, but after this I asked the class to wear no one, looking oddly, I switched to Nokia brick. Maybe a few more years when the end of level 1, it should be calculated to let small bosses use smartphones running ios or android. Now let's go to the brick .

What do the brothers think about children having their own phones? Brothers and sisters will vote on which age children should have their own communication device : D


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