Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Guilty of abusing neighborhood children

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Guilty of abusing neighborhood children

A pedophile from Hochelaga-Maisonneuve who preyed on neighborhood children by luring them to his home with candy pleaded guilty not only to sexual interference but also to producing child pornography featuring them.

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“The accused [et sa conjointe] specified that gestures were part of development and were ‘the things of life’. The children often returned with sweets and surprises, ”explained Me Amélie Rivard of the Crown on Thursday at the Montreal courthouse.

Present in the detainees’ box, Maxim Grondin, 42, did not say a word while the prosecutor explained to the court how the pedophile attacked three children in 2017, when he was already under the blow probation for possession of child pornography.

At the time, Grondin had settled in the Hochelaga district with his wife Caroline Curadeau. The latter knew he was attracted to young boys, but that didn’t bother her at all. Worse yet, she helped the pedophile to attract children to their home, among other things thanks to their dog.

Victims filmed

For weeks, the couple managed to attract children to their home. During these visits, Grondin, but also Curadeau, took the opportunity to perform sexual acts on the little ones.

” Many times [une des victimes] watched videos of a child pornography with Maxim Grondin, ”explained the Crown.

When suspicion began to weigh on the couple, the latter took to the chase, but they were quickly pinned down. It was there that it was discovered that Grondin had also taken photos of the victims.

“During the search, the police officers [aussi] found diapers, underwear belonging to the victims, a tube of lubricant in a diaper bag, ”the Crown continued.

Dangerous offender

Following Grondin’s guilty plea to a host of sexual accusations, the Crown requested that the pedophile be assessed by psychiatrists from the Philippe-Pinel Institute, in order to verify his dangerousness.

Depending on the results, the Crown could apply to have him declared a dangerous or long-term offender, which would allow for much closer follow-up after his sentence has been served.

Grondin, who is currently in pre-trial detention, will return to court in March. His wife, for her part, had already pleaded guilty, being sentenced to three years in prison.


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