Hoang Chi Phong and Chu Dinh on the cover of Le Point magazine

Hoang Chi Phong and Chu Dinh on the cover of Le Point magazine

Former Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General of Demosisto Hoang Chi Phong (Joshua Wong) and Chu Dinh (Agnes Chow) became the cover characters of the latest issue of French political weekly Le Point, showing attention European media opinion. This is considered a surprise for the government and National Security Agency of Hong Kong.

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The former General Secretary and Deputy Secretary-General of Demosisto Hoang Chi Phong (Joshua Wong) and Chu Dinh (Agnes Chow) became the latest cover characters of the most typical French political weekly Le Point. The magazine issued a 10-page in-depth report on the situation in Hong Kong and the anti-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) protest movement. In this regard, Huang Zhifeng said that European countries have always been very conservative and cautious about Hong Kong’s affairs, but the shock of the CCP’s arrest of people in Hong Kong not only caused waves against the CCP in Japan but also caught the attention of the European media, which was a surprise to the Hong Kong government and National Security Agency. In addition, international awareness against the CCP has also increased, previously, Beijing and Switzerland signed a cooperation agreement allowing mainland national security personnel to come to Switzerland to investigate and verify illegal immigrants. legal to bring back to Mainland.

Recently, a Swiss media revealed that Switzerland is in talks with Beijing on the extension of this agreement, the Swiss opposition party and NGOs are actively calling for the deal to stop. this; On August 26, Hoang Chi Phong also expressed concern for the safety of those of the same kind leaving Hong Kong to open the international front.

About Hoang Chi Phong and Chu Dinh on the cover of French magazine

The latest issue of the French weekly Le Point, number 2504, took the cover character of two young Hong Kong democracy activists Hoang Chi Phong and Chu Dinh. The article title is “The last day of Hong Kong” (Les derniers jours de Hong Kong), quoted Hoang Chi Phong’s comment: “Will the world stand up for us? (Le monde va-t-il nous défendre?) “

Hoang Chi Phong later shared on Facebook that the Beijing government’s arrest of Chu Dinh could be described as “The rock causes a big wave”not only caused diplomatic instability between China and Japan, but also created Japanese public opinion to defend Hong Kong, and even the CCP leader Xi Jinping’s plan to visit Japan was broken. real estate, believing what has happened in the past few weeks is certainly beyond the imagination of the Hong Kong National Security Office.“Since in the past EU countries have always kept a cautious attitude towards Hong Kong issues, this residual arrests have caught the attention of many European countries.”

Significantly, Hoang Chi Phong said that the leading French magazine Le Point, which included Hoang Chi Phong and Chu Dinh as cover characters, used 10 pages to report on the situation and struggle for democracy in Hong Kong. . He recounted that in November last year Le Point had put the subject of his interview on the cover, while also buying light box ads at some stations in the French capital, Paris, showing concern about Hong Kong issues.

About the description of that week “Huang Zhifeng is a man who stood up against China, is a hero to defend freedom.”He humbly replied, “I always feel ashamed, something a little exaggerated, but I will continue to make good use of my position to let the world witness the protest of Hong Kong people.”

?? 【法國 老牌 週刊 《觀點》 封面 專題 : 黃 之 鋒 周 庭 足本 訪問】

政權 拘捕 周 庭 , 可 說 是 一 石 激起 千 重 浪 , 引來 中 日 外交 風波 、 日本 跨 黨派 界別 政見 聲援 甚至 原定 習近平 訪 日 計劃 也 將近 告吹 , 相信 個 多 星期 以來 發生 的 一切, 定 必 超 出國 安 公署 本來 的 沙盤 推演。

Posted by: 黃 之 鋒 Joshua Wong on Sunday, August 23, 2020

Review the “confidentiality agreement” between Beijing and Switzerland

According to the Voice of France (RFI), in 2015 Beijing and Switzerland signed a cooperation agreement on the tracing of illegal immigrants, under which the national security of the CCP can stay in Switzerland. Two weeks without any legal status for the purpose of identifying illegal immigrants from the mainland, during which time Swiss authorities will also cooperate to issue repatriation documents. After implementing this agreement, Switzerland has returned a total of 13 Chinese citizens, but because Beijing refused to provide information to the parties, it was revealed that after implementing this agreement, according to the immigration official. whereabouts of these Chinese citizens.

Although Switzerland has signed similar cooperation agreements with more than 60 countries, this agreement with China has not been widely publicized, so before that most Swiss politicians were unclear. This, but fortunately, recently Swiss media revealed the existence of this deal which was widely debated. There are reports that the deal will expire later this year, and the Swiss government is currently in talks with Beijing whether to extend the agreement’s validity.

The current situation in places such as Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet has caused a large number of people from all walks of life to criticize the human rights situation related to the CCP, leading to opposition and non-organizations. the government in Switzerland urged the government to refuse an extension and even immediately stop the cooperation agreement. Nadia Boehlen, a spokesperson for Amnesty International (AI), the Swiss branch, said that if the authorities decide to extend the agreement, Beijing should ask Beijing to make clearer commitments, for example, the agreement does not involve Hong Kong people and Tibetans …

On the afternoon of August 26, Hoang Chi Phong also shared related news on Facebook, saying that for the past five years the Swiss Government had concealed the National Assembly. “Confidential agreement” If China and Switzerland intend to continue the deal, “It is expected that the first safety impact is that Hoang Chi Phong’s comrades leave Hong Kong to wage war on the international front.

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