Hoa is revealed through a relaxing gameplay video

A promising surprise unveiled in December 2020, the independent scene will soon be enriched with a game with an artistic direction approaching the sumptuous visuals of the Ghibli films. It is in April 2021 that should be released flower, platform / puzzle game bathed in a soft and peaceful atmosphere sublimated by hand-painted decorations and relaxing music. To allow fans of the genre and the curious and curious to be patient, PM Studios unveiled a seven-minute gameplay video.

Here we find our little hooded character in an environment of the second chapter called “The Forest”. The co-founder and artistic director of Skrollcat Studio, Son Tra, will lend his voice to tell us the story behind the choice of this area. The little being that we embody, called flower, will travel its tiny size through immense environments. It is in a warm setting that our character will be led to dialogue with the insects that surround him and will offer him their help to progress in his exploration.

In terms of gameplay, it is no surprise that it will be turned towards a more classic system, the studio especially highlighting its universe and its artistic direction. Riddles will be added to the platforms, but also enemies.

In this video, we can discover a robot that will push you back during your attempts to climb and it is without using violence that you will have to pass it. Indeed, it is with a peaceful approach that the studio wishes to approach the game. Thus, you will have to bypass them or use them to progress, the game not having a life or damage point system. The video ends with the awakening of a first boss without revealing the ordeal that this one will represent.

This quest for non-violence is an interesting approach allowing the player to let himself travel with our little character in simplicity and gentleness, thus fully benefiting from the poetic and soothing aspect of his universe as well as his music which has been revealed until now. here most lovely.

We just have to wait a little longer before we can discover the childish and benevolent universe offlower. Remember that the game will be available via Nintendo eShop on the Switch and on PC via Steam.


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