Ho-jung Kim, Limited Edition LP Released… Preparations before enlistment for fans

Singer Ho-jung Kim will release a limited edition LP on the 10th, the first anniversary of the official fan cafe. / Provided by Thinking Entertainment, Warner Music Korea

“After thinking about something worth celebrating with the fans, I prepared it”

[더팩트 | 정병근 기자] Singer Ho-jung Kim prepared an event for fans before enlisting. This is a limited edition LP commemorating the 1st anniversary of the official fan cafe.

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the opening of the official fan cafe ‘Tvarotti’, Kim Ho-jung will release the LP of his first regular album ‘Our Family’ and the classic album ‘THE CLASSIC ALBUM’ in a limited edition. It will be released on the 10th, the 1st anniversary of the fan cafe.

His agency Think Entertainment said, “This LP was planned by Ho-jung Kim, who is usually full of fan love, before enlistment, thinking about whether there would be anything to commemorate with his fans.” “To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the official fan cafe ‘Tvarotti’ It was made in a limited way,” he said.

This LP was produced in Germany’s famous cutting studio SST and a professional audiophile press factory with a weight of 180g and half. ‘Our Family’ consists of a total of 8 LP-size pictorials in a gate folder type specification, and ‘The Classic Album’ includes the recording and numbering of the new song ‘YOU RAISE ME UP’, an LP exclusive track. this has been done

Ho-jung Kim sold 410,000 copies on the first day of release with his first full-length album ‘Our Family’ last year, and the classic mini album ‘The Classic Album’ sold 510,000 copies in the first week (a week after release), setting a record for overwhelming brand power. proved

Pre-orders for LPs with increased collectible value will begin at 15:00 on the 7th, and general purchases will be possible from the 10th.

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