Ho Chi Minh City temporarily suspends accepting new vehicle registrations from June 22

To prevent the COVID-19 epidemic, from today June 22, the Traffic Police of Ho Chi Minh City will temporarily stop accepting new registration documents for all cars and motorbikes.

On June 22, the Road and Railway Traffic Police Department (PC08) of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department said that before the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic situation and strictly followed the directive No. 10/CT-UBND of Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Room PC08 has temporarily adjusted the citizen reception schedule from June 22.

For the registration and management of road motor vehicles, Division PC08 temporarily suspends receipt of new registration dossiers for all vehicles at all registration points; only accept applications for return of registration papers or those that have completed the registration procedure before June 21, 2021.

For the handling of administrative violations, investigation and settlement of traffic accidents, PC08 only receives and handles 1 person/1 related case who is allowed to enter the headquarters of the unit to handle the situation. administrative records and each time going in and out of the office, only 1 person / 1 case / 1 field is allowed to go in and out.

In addition, PC08 also temporarily suspended the receipt of applications for licenses to use horns and priority lights for all vehicles.

According to a source, in this phase, the handling of administrative violations, vehicle registration at Thu Duc City Traffic Police and districts in Ho Chi Minh City are also temporarily suspended to prevent the epidemic until further notice. .

PC08 suggested that people increase the use of online public administrative services and postal services to reduce crowd concentration, and urged the people of the city to continue to strongly promote the message “every citizen is a soldiers on the front of epidemic prevention and control” to repel the epidemic as soon as possible.

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