Hmeimim was attacked after the arrival of American aircraft

Hmeimim was attacked after the arrival of American aircraft

On 9 February 2021, the Russian air base Hmeimim located in the province of Latakia was attacked. It is known that a number of missiles crashed into the Russian military airport, but more notably, not long before the event, a US military aircraft was seen operating nearby.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the attack on Hmeimim airbase was carried out at 19:45 Moscow time. The bombardment was ineffective as a result of the air defense systems intercepting the enemy’s missiles.

Hmeimim was broken after the appearance of the My aircraft
Russia’s Hmeimim air base has been attacked by rebels

Experts believe this has to do with the Syrian and Russian Army launched a large-scale tactical missile attack on terrorist positions in the Tarkhin residential area.

Interestingly, after the unsuccessful reconnaissance attempt by US military aircraft, sources familiar with the matter reported that an attack on the Hmeimim base had previously taken place using 13 drones, and just a few hours later the airport was hit by a missile strike.

Hmeimim was broken after the appearance of the My aircraft
The flight path of the US reconnaissance plane near Hmeimim airbase

In other developments, the media in Moscow said that Israel’s refusal to implement the previously reached agreements between President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reduce the escalation of the situation in Syria forced the Russian side to make a defense. France deals with Tel Aviv, giving Iran an opportunity to supply its missile weapons to the Arab Republic through the Hmeimim air base.

As noted on the morning of February 11, at least one Iranian cargo plane landed at a Russian military airport in Latakia province, where, according to Israeli sources, Tehran can now freely deliver the missile and other weapons to the Israeli border.

Contrary to its intent to strike on Iran’s arsenals, Israel cannot do anything against Iranian forces operating in the Russian airbase – any act of aggression would immediately lead. to Russian response.

At the moment, it is not known whether Iran’s cargo plane will continue to reach Syria, but it is worth noting that the cargo is likely to be sent to neighboring Lebanon, as well as to the northern part of the country. Syria to be able to confront Turkey or the militia backed.

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