HMD Global transfers data centers to Finland

HMD Global transfers data centers to Finland

HMD Global – the company that owns the Nokia brand exclusively for phones and tablets, announces cooperation with CGI and Google Cloud consulting companies in moving, activating phones and storing performance data at Google Cloud Region in Hamina, Finland. This is to improve the speed and accuracy of the devices provided to Nokia phones to provide a better experience over time for users.

By using advanced data analysis and machine learning technology of Google Cloud, combined with the expertise of data science and cloud of CGI, HMD Global can take advantage of data analysis to Benefit for Nokia phone users worldwide.

Currently, Nokia smartphones have started to store data at the new center for smartphone versions: Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 2.2. With previous Nokia smartphones will be transferred to Hamina after being updated Android Q operating system later this year and completed in 2020.

“HMD Global has decided to cooperate with the CGI and Google Cloud platforms to serve the growing data storage needs as well as increase our investment in the European market,” said Juho Sarvikas, Director products at HMD Global said.

This action continues to reinforce HMD Global's commitment to complying with all applicable European security measures and laws, including EU data privacy regulations such as Quy. intended to protect general data (GDPR).

“We want to be open and transparent in collecting and storing device activation data, to ensure all users understand why this will bring about improved phone experience. . This change aims to strengthen HMD Global's commitment to Nokia fans of original Android operating systems, security, fast updates, emphasis on security and privacy through data servers. data in Finland, ”said Juho Sarvikas.

“By deploying the latest data collection and analysis technologies combined with the expertise of CGI engineers and data scientists, HMD Global has the opportunity to enhance data security and research needs. user demand. The analysis of smartphone usage habits and user satisfaction helps HMD Global better understand how to improve and develop its overall product range to bring better experience and services over time to people. Nokia fans worldwide, ”said Martti Reilander, Vice President, Advanced Analytics Solutions, CGI Finland.


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