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HKS Hi-Power 409 high-performance audio sensor feel – accessible, with buzzing pipe

Earlier this year, I replaced the high-performance wind for the car (Air Intake) so in order to synchronize the hardware, I also upgraded the exhaust system of the car. Exactly what I upgraded for the exhaust system is just negative (or end), not the whole system. The theory is that high-performance muffler has less sound-absorbing material than the zin, so the discharge line will be more open, less wasteful, thus also improving the strength.

Illustration of the full exhaust system of the car and the position of the muffler

The reason why I chose to buy HKS instead of others is HKS it has a Resonator tube to eliminate noise. Looking at it is a small, small seal on it. Other firm's high-performance muffler options don't have this detail.

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The working principle of the resonator box is that the sound waves of the annoying noise threshold entering this bulb will bounce back and meet the sound waves with the same frequency, canceling each other out. From there will reduce noise or buzzing at the desired frequency threshold. The design of Resonator tube of HKS Hi-Power 409 is a branch (Side Branch).

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The principle is that, but when it was installed on the car, it was still noisy. Just click almost half the journey of the gas pedal or the motorbike over 2,000 v / min is the sound of the pô braking on the ear like a racing car. After 3-4 days, I was going to take it off to run everyday for comfort, waiting to buy a new car to go every day will be reattached.

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However, it is lazy to run for another 2-3 days, considering it as a week, the language of pô is significantly smaller and maintained until now. In general, only when more than three-fourths of the gas pedal or engine trip is performed above 4,000 v / ph, does the new pô be loud and uncomfortable. The rest is still squeaky, polite.

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What I like is the sound quality of elected HKS Hi-Power 409 is the type of Yoshimura pô resembling a period of prosperity in cars PKL. It is possible that this sound is not the current trend, but it reminds me of a distance from the remote PKLs of some PKL cars a decade ago. Interestingly, from the time when the HKS Muffler was mounted, I could see the noise of the tires when the road was bad. Because the hours of the piano are over the roar. Anyway, the piano sound is also emotional and more comfortable than the sound of tires.

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What I am pleased with is that when the Muffler replacement is high-performance, the car improves the low-speed loading and the feeling of escape in the mid-range. It is so zin has not done that remap. Another is the perfect quality of this Japanese-made HKS Hi-Power 409 Poetry. Looking at the welding points just like the artwork, although the price of this pô I bought in Japan has more than 8 million.

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HKS's Muffler Hi-Power gourd series is designed for high-class cars, so it is very accessible. In particular, the goods are always available in some shops in the Thai side, so the shipping cost is also better than buying from Japan like your car. The cost of elected HKS Hi-Power in Thailand is from 6,000 BTH (about 4tr5) or more depending on the vehicle. Currently cars such as Toyota Vios, Yaris; Honda City, Civic; Mazda2 … all have their own designed products, so buying them is always on, no porridge is required.

You can check the price section and have a compatible model for cars at HKS Thai site. Clip some cars to vote HKS Hi-Power:

The sound quality of elected HKS Hi-Power 409 on my car

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