Hitman’s “One-Punch Man: Anonymous Hero” has added a new manipulable character such as Child Emperor

According to Ryokutya 2089, a Japanese news station, the latest issue of “V-Jump” magazine revealed that “One-Punch Man: Unknown Hero” will add three manipulable characters: Child Emperor, Handsome Mask and Spring Beard.

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New manipulable characters

Di Tongdi, CV: Gaoshan South. Hero ranked 5th in S-Class, 10-year-old boy. One of the think tanks of the League of Heroes, use the weapons hidden in your backpack to hit the enemy. Former assistant to Dr. Beaufort (Metal Knight).

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Child Emperor

Handsome guy masked, CV: Miyano Mamoru. No. 1 in A-Class, unknown name. The body has a strong regenerative ability and has the power to promote S-class heroes, but intentionally stays at A-level in order to prevent shrimp soldiers and crabs from easily becoming S-class heroes. Janos speculated that the man had suffered some psychological trauma and was sick of the weirdo. I particularly hate ugly things and can’t move when I see extremely ugly ugly monsters.

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Handsome mask

Spring beard, CV: Mamoru Homura. A-level 33rd, using fencing as a weapon, went to Z city to investigate the reasons for Freak Frequent, and was defeated by Freak Unlimited Kelp.

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Spring mustache

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