Hit and run victim The family hopes for an exemplary sentence

Hit and run victim The family hopes for an exemplary sentence

The mother of a teenage girl hit by a drunk driver and “left for dead” in a ditch hopes the punishment will match the crime, to serve as a lesson for those who get behind the wheel while impaired.

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“There are so many people who drive after drinking. We must send a clear message, insists Isabelle Le Brasseur, the mother of the teenager. No parent wants to get the call I got that night. “

Amy Labelle, who was only 15 at the time, recounted her suffering for two years yesterday, in a letter she read, phlegmatic, at the Joliette courthouse. His emotional testimony also drew a tear to the author of the accident, Robert Poirier. The latter also pleaded guilty last June to impaired driving and hit-and-run causing injuries.

robert poirier hit and run mascouche


“I’m not very advanced in life, but nevertheless, I know very well that you should not take your car when you are drunk, and especially that you should not leave a child for dead on the edge of the road. street, as if it were a waste. […] I am not waste, ”she said, her voice tinged with emotion.

A few minutes behind the wheel

Because on the evening of July 9, 2019, Poirier took six pints of beers in a first restaurant in Terrebonne, before going to a bar to consume seven other beers and three shooters.

Despite this, at 11:40 p.m., the 50-year-old still decided to hit the road, hitting the teenager head-on on her moped a few minutes later in Mascouche. The vehicle would have slowed down after the impact, before continuing on its way without looking at the victim, who had just been thrown several meters.

The girl suffered severe head trauma as well as fractures to her face and shin. She still lives with severe headaches. “Why didn’t you rescue a girl you hit, who is the same age as your daughter?” she asked. I’m sad that this has happened to me, but most of all I’m afraid it will happen to another innocent. “

Given the nature of the offense and despite the driver’s deep remorse, the Crown prosecutor is asking for a prison sentence of two years less a day followed by a driving ban for three years.

“We are talking about an accident late at night, the victim is lucky that people saw him, were able to help him […] It took a seriously injured victim and major criminal charges for the gentleman to engage in therapy, ”heals Me Geneviève Aumont.

He was also charged with impaired driving in 2015.

Considerable effort

The defense is asking for a nine-month prison sentence, given the considerable efforts of the 53-year-old man to regain control of his life and rehabilitate himself. The latter has been sober since, and followed a closed therapy of six months, specifies Me Karine Herrera-Nadon.

“Positive changes last over time. I am confident that we will not see him again at court, ”she said.

Nonetheless, the family hopes the sentence will be severe, to deter other drivers from driving under the influence.

“Even two years, basically, is not a lot. Amy, two years later, she still has sequelae, ”deplores her mother. “My accomplishments, my pride were stolen by an accident”, concludes the young girl, inhabited by the feeling of having to “start from zero”


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