A Santiago policewoman was agonized by a gasoline bomb on November 4. Photo: Reuters.

Hit a gasoline bomb, policewoman caught fire

ChilePolice special efforts to suppress protesters in the capital Santiago caught fire when hit by petrol bombs from protesters.

Maria Jose Hernandez Torres, 25, and Abigail Catalina Aburto Cardenas, 20, members of the Santiago task force are currently being treated at the City Hospital in serious condition.

Reuters photographers have captured images of a riot police officer dropping a helmet, grimacing in pain, while her colleagues tried to use fire extinguishers and spray water on them. her to put out the fire that was about to catch on her face.

"I saw a police officer was hit by a petrol bomb and her teammate tried to put out the fire," said photographer Jorge Silva of Reuters, who worked at Baquedano subway station at the time of the incident. for good.

A Santiago policewoman was agonized by a gasoline bomb on November 4. Photo: Reuters.

Chilean Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel visited two police officers at the hospital and condemned the attack by protesters. "It was a cowardly and cowardly attack against two policemen who were working to protect the safety of our compatriots," Mr Blumel said.

Chile has been in turmoil for weeks, after students and students took to the streets to protest the government's increase in subway fares. Protests in Santiago and many cities rocked the nation, which is economically stable, with a significant drop in the proportion of the poor.

Two police officers, Torres and Cardenas, were among 800 Chilean police officers injured in suppressing demonstrations in the past two weeks. 1,650 protesters were also hospitalized, according to human rights organizations.

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