History of the World Cup
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History of the World Cup

The World Football Championship (English: FIFA World Cup) is an international football tournament organized by the World Football Association (FIFA) every 4 years for all national football teams of the FIFA member countries. The first tournament was held in 1930, and was interrupted only twice in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II.

The current format allows 32 of the best teams to participate in the final round (since 1998). The qualifier was held over the previous 3 years to determine the teams that qualified for the final round with the host country. The World Cup is the sports event that attracts the most attention worldwide (the number of people watching the World Cup is more than the Olympic Games).

FIFA said 906.6 million people watched at least one minute of the 2010 World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands via television. This figure increases to nearly one billion if you include both online and public viewing. More specifically, there were 530.9 million people watching the final at home and 619.7 million watching at least 20 minutes of extra time for this match.

The 2018 World Cup is held in Russia

Over 20 times (as of 2014), there were 8 countries standing on the podium. Brazil is the only team to have participated in all 20 finals and currently holds a record of 5 times winning the championship. Followed by Italy and Germany with the highest 4 times. Argentina and the team that won the first tournament in Uruguay, had two titles. The other champions are England, France, Spain, each team a title.

The current world champion is the German team after winning against Argentina 1–0 in extra time in the 2014 World Cup final.

According to the latest news, FIFA has accepted to increase the number of teams to 48 from the 2026 World Cup. This is the first time since 1998, FIFA increased the number of teams attending the World Cup.


The idea of ​​bringing together the best teams of nations in a World Cup competition started in the 1920s, initiated by a group of French football managers, led by Jules Rimet.

The resolution on the regular implementation of the World Football Championship was adopted by the FIFA General Assembly in Amsterdam in 1928. During this period, professional football was large but the competitions at the Olympics were only allow amateur players to participate so they do not meet the requirements of football circles.


The official name of the World Football Championship has changed a few times. At first it was called the “World Cup” (World Cup, Coupe du monde) then the “Jules Rimet Cup” (former FIFA president’s name), then the “World Football Championship – Cup Jules Rimet. “and finally” FIFA World Cup “.

The first tournament was officially organized in Uruguay in 1930, with the participation of 13 teams. And the first gold trophy named “Jules Rimet” has fallen into the hands of the home team.

The FIFA World Cup is held regularly every 4 years, except for 2 periods canceled in 1942 and 1946 due to the impact of World War II.

In the 1950s, the world football championship quickly reaffirmed its position and continued to maintain its monopoly as the largest sporting event in modern times, held alternately in European countries. Europe and America. But it was not until the recent World Cup that people saw a breakthrough when Korea and Japan were selected to host the 2002 World Cup. In 2010, FIFA brought the tournament to Africa for the first time, and the nation Gia was honored to host South Africa.


From 1970 and earlier, the world champion team was awarded a “gold cup” which in official FIFA documents is called a “work of art”. It is a small statue of “Goddess of victory Nike” (in Greek mythology) that in football circles often called the statue “Golden Goddess”. According to FIFA’s order, this statue was completed in 1928 by a goldsmith in Paris named Abel Lafleur cast in real gold, weighs 1.8kg (with a marble base weighs about 4kg). price 10,000 USD.

World Cup gold cup

Before the 1970 World Cup, FIFA held the “Golden Cup” in accordance with the rules and then gave it to the national football federation of the country where the team won the world championship and returned it to FIFA before proceeding to the final round. The next World Football Championship.

In 1970, after three championships, as in the rules, the Brazilian team was permanently awarded the “Golden Goddess”. Then FIFA set a new trophy named FIFA World Cup. This trophy is a penalty cup, no team can win it forever. The winning teams will be awarded a miniature sample trophy as a souvenir along with holding the official cup during the time between the two world football championships.

The new trophy is cast in real gold by Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga, 36.5cm tall, weighs 6,175kg, worth 20,000 USD. This trophy was molded by goldsmith Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni in the city of Milano. The trophy features two young men with four arms raised to support the globe. The metal part of the present trophy is 4.9kg of “18-carat solid gold” and has 2 layers of malachite.

(According to the wiki)

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