His Majesty’s visit to the University of Religious Model Teachers-United Daily

(This newspaper, City, 22nd) His Majesty Sultan stated in his royal speech, “The establishment of the University College of Model Teachers of Religion is an iconic building that honors our country’s religious teaching.”

His Majesty made the above speech at the University of Religious Demonstration Teachers University of Tunisia today.

His Majesty added that he hopes the university college will become an outstanding religious teaching and educational institution. In addition to opening the door to other interested foreigners, it can also meet the needs of our country.

His Majesty the Sudan believes that the future of this university college is bright, because the profession of religious teachers is always needed, and when Brunei lacked religious technicians, it was until our country was broken to seek religious teachers from neighboring countries. His Majesty thanked his neighbors, which will become a bridge for cooperation between the two countries in this most advantageous field.

When Her Majesty made a surprise visit to the University College of Religious Model Teachers, His Majesty the Sudan visited a number of departments and facilities, as well as educational infrastructure including educational institutions, libraries, student dormitories, restaurants and cafeterias.

Religious Demonstration Teachers University College is the only university college in China that offers training courses in the field of religion teaching. Religious Demonstration Teachers University College upholds its own beliefs in establishing a trusted view of educators capable of formal and informal teaching traditions, has a moral reputation, teaching with high knowledge and community abilities, and is based on competence in the education system Work hard to build talent. Implement this technology by integrating knowledge, training, research, services, skills and technology to meet the requirements of the 21st century and develop 4.0 revolutionary technologies.



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