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Hiip acquired BP Network in Indonesia

On April 25, Hiip, the influencer platform in Vietnam and Thailand, announced its expansion to Indonesia through the acquisition of BP Network, the country’s largest female influencer network.

Thanks to this deal, Hiip expanded KOL platform in Southeast Asia to more than 10,000 influencers.

BP Network has more than 2 years of experience in the influencer network in Indonesia. Shintaries Nijerinda, co-founder and CEO of BP Network, indicate: “After the merger, BP Network will change the brand name to Hiip Indonesia and become part of Hiip – a successful company in the regional market. Thus, our customers and influencers can access the public. Hiip’s exclusive AI technology and cross marketing opportunities in the international market. We are excited about the journey ahead. “

Phi Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of Hiip Asia, shared: “We are very happy to partner with BP Network, the largest women’s influencer network in Indonesia. With this cooperation, we will give BP Network full access to the platform based on our AI technology and use regional management experience to support them, meanwhile, Hiip Indonesia will help expand our influencer marketing service almost in all categories, segmentation We hope to contribute to increasing the value of the current influencer ecosystem in Indonesia and give the influencers more opportunities to connect with international brands and important brands. this country “.

About Hiip

Hiip is the leading influencer marketing platform in Southeast Asia. Working with more than 500 brands and more than 10,000 KOLs in the region, Hiip uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology to connect brands and advertisers with the appropriate influencer.

About BP Network

BP Network is the largest women’s influencer network in Indonesia and conducts hundreds of influencer marketing programs in Indonesia. In 2017, BP Network was honored to participate in the Government Assistance Program (BIP) from Bekraf.

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