Highway screenshots show iOS 13 will have "Dark Mode" mode, many applications are redesigned

As expected, Apple will launch a series of new products at the WWDC 2019 event taking place next week, including the latest version of its operating system, iOS 13. Recently, a series of screenshots of iOS 13 has suddenly leaked online, revealing new features.

One of the features that many users are interested in is Dark Mode. With iOS 13, you can turn on Dark Mode in the Settings application or quickly access right on the Control Center (Control Center).

On the main screen, the only noticeable change is the Dock bar, using a brilliant dark background instead of a light background. In addition, it is likely that Apple will add new wallpapers to iOS 13 so that they can work better in Dark Mode dark background.

Looking at any application in the dark background, such as Music, it can be seen that Apple is using a real black background, which looks great on OLED devices. This may also help increase device battery life because OLED displays do not have to use energy to brighten black pixels.

Highway screenshot shows iOS 13 will have Dark Mode, many redesigned apps - Photo 2.

Another change of user interface on iOS 13 is the interface after taking a screenshot. Instead of displaying a gray background with the tools below, it will use a blurry version of the background image as the background image. The same interface is also redesigned on the iPad, using the round tray at the bottom of the screen to contain tools. On the iPad, users can drag this tray around the screen.

As mentioned earlier, the Reminder application will be completely redesigned on iOS 13 and macOS 10.15. On the iPad, the New Prompt app will have a large sidebar with separate areas to contain "Today", "Scheduled", "Flagged" and "All" sections, as well as a search bar. and user reminder list. In addition, the application will also use the SF UI Rounded font that Apple introduced for the Wallet app on iOS 12.2.

Highway screenshot shows iOS 13 will have Dark Mode, many redesigned apps - Photo 3.

The Find Friends and Find iPhone (Find My iPhone) applications are now also unified. This application will be renamed English to "Find My", significantly improved on the iPad and integrated more features.

It will display all a large map containing all devices, comes with a small corner window to list family and friends, as well as another tab to display the user's device. When Dark Mode dark background is turned on, the "Find My" icon looks very similar to "Map" on macOS after activating the dark background. You can look at the application icon below.

Highway screenshot shows iOS 13 will have Dark Mode, many redesigned apps - Photo 4.

Apple is expected to launch iOS 13 next Monday, June 3 at the WWDC 2019 event taking place in San Jose, California. The first beta for developers will be available for download immediately, while the first public beta will be released in the following weeks.

Like every year, Apple may release the official version of iOS 13 in early September, after launching the new iPhone 11 series.

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