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Highway design and launch date of Honda Winner X 2019 in Vietnam

Recently on fanpage Faceboon Honda Vietnam has posted a video with content related to the time of introduction of Honda Winner X 2019 in the middle of this July. The new upgrade of Honda Winner has had many rumors over the past time and the brothers like tapered hands waiting. Most of the information related to the new design changes is more personal, adding equipment and engines – the gearbox will not change.

As you can see in the video, the most obvious detail is that the front lamp with LED technology now has a bigger design, just like many brothers have shared before. In addition, I also found one more image to see the design of Winner X 2019's tailgate with a disassembled rear lights with Yamaha Exciter. Meanwhile, the exhaust pipe seems to share with the Honda CBR150R model, looking quite pitiful.

Adding a few other changes in the equipment of Honda Winner X 2019 that I can add, the car can use the new digital watch face completely, the new front fork painted yellow … A remarkable point In the new Honda Winner X front fork, there is a hole for the ABS sensor. Maybe Winner X will have a premium version equipped with ABS for the front wheels.

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Front fork of Honda Winner X 2019

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The design outlines the new Honda Winner X watch face

What do you think of these changes of Honda Winner?


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