Highway by bike Mayor Valérie Plante formal notice

Highway by bike Mayor Valérie Plante formal notice

The mayoress of Montreal, Valérie Plante, is subject to a formal notice sent to her on Tuesday afternoon by merchants on Saint-Denis Street in connection with the construction of the controversial Network express bike project, TVA Nouvelles has learned.

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Concept Zone inc., Optique Georges Laoun inc. and Mycoboutique inc., via their attorney, Me Denis Cloutier, served the formal notice claiming to suffer prejudice that goes well beyond the normal inconvenience that usually results from public works.

“The timing of this cannot be worse. While the successive construction sites and the endless pandemic have weakened or completed several businesses, we decide to go ahead with work whose foreseeable impact under the circumstances is serious on businesses which are struggling to survive all these hardships. », Can we read in the document.

They complain about the work that is blocking rue Saint-Denis, between rue Roy and boulevard Saint-Joseph, leaving only a thin passage of one lane to the north.

“Our customers note the virtual absence of parking spaces on the street, the difficulty of circulating there even by bike, of immobilizing a vehicle for delivery, and the difficulty of circulating there for pedestrians”, add- they deplore the indifference of the administration in power which, according to them, offers concise answers.

“The municipal administration certainly has the right to carry out projects for the common good and to exercise the choices that give rise to them. But not against all odds. Not in the midst of a pandemic when many traders are forced into bankruptcy and there is a real possibility, unfortunately already demonstrated, that the current situation is the coup de grace for many of them ”, it is stated.

“Our clients intend to institute all the appropriate remedies in the circumstances as well as claim from the City all the damages that they suffer and will suffer as a result of the situation, ill-advised choices, and ill-suited measures which cause them inconvenience” , we conclude.


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