Highlight your personal style! HONDA “MONKEY 125” Spencer Special Edition

As a classic car of HONDA, MONKEY is a very classic car series. Although it was only 50cc when it first came out, it was a well-known motorcycle in Japan and the United States. The mini body can be stored in the rear luggage of ordinary cars. Inside the box, it can be said to be a must-have product for home travel.

It is a pity that the 50cc version has been discontinued, but HONDA has already launched a new 125cc version of MONKEY. Compared with the old version, the new version is more suitable for commuting in the city, even for long-distance riding, and HONDA is also very “eye-catching” every year. Both have launched different special editions for car fans to choose from.

The new Monkey 125 uses the same air-cooled single-cylinder engine as the MSX 125. The maximum horsepower peak of 9.2ps appears at 7000 rpm, and the maximum torque is 11Nm/5,250rpm. The gearbox adopts a four-speed design. Although there are only four gears, the gears The ratio design is very good, the connection between each gear is very smooth, 0 to 70 can be easily achieved as long as the speed is slightly increased, unlike a small car with only 9.2ps.

In terms of braking, MONKEY 125 uses front and rear double disc brakes, equipped with single-channel ABS, so only the front wheels have ABS, and the rear wheel part does not have ABS. The braking effect is quite linear and comfortable, but the rear brake part is relatively soft. Step deeply to lock the rear wheels.

The frame, the outer tube of the front fork and the shock absorber are all used in the same color palette, which can be said to be very careful. In addition to the extensive use of chrome parts, the appearance of this retro fun car is more The texture, the fixed position is closer to the front soil of the headlight, and it also gives the MONKEY an off-road feel.

In addition to the MONKEY 125 introduced to you this time, which is a special version of Spencer, different modifiers have launched their own modified versions of MONKEY. For example, Japanese modifiers KITACO, Yoshimura, etc. have launched corresponding modified versions, and various factories have also launched various Corresponding modified parts can be freely matched by car owners to make their MONKEY more unique.

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