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Synology MR2200ac is an AC2200 Wi-Fi router that can be used as a single device or paired with one or more additional MR2200ac nodes to convert into mesh networks.

In terms of size, the MR220ac is 162mm tall, 198mm wide and 63mm thick. Although not as good-looking as other systems, the MR2200ac comes with user-friendly management features, including parental controls, secure access, Synology malware protection, and more. Dedicated wireless repair assistant and a host of other basic and advanced settings.

While the MR2200ac delivers relatively fast throughput, it is not as fast as the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus, the leading choice for a home Wi-Fi system.

On the front of the router are LEDs that show the system status and Wi-Fi signal strength. Important parts like the WAN port, gigabit LAN port, USB 3.0 port, the power and reset buttons, the Wi-Fi and WPS buttons, and the power jack are located on the back.

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As an AC2200 tri-band router, the MR2200ac can achieve a maximum data rate of up to 400Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and up to 867Mbps on the 5GHz band. Each node offers coverage up to 185 square meters.

Inside the MR2200ac is a quadcore CPU, 256MB of DDR3 RAM and a Wave 2 802.11ac circuit with support for MU-MIMO data transmission, beam format (direct signal transmission to customers) and Smart Connect (automatic band control) However, you can also split the strips if you like.

The MR2200ac also uses mesh technology that allows you to create seamless Wi-Fi systems using additional MR2200ac routers as a node.

You can access many router settings using the Synology DS Router mobile app for iOS and Android devices. However, you get more management options if you use the web, including advanced settings for things like IPv6, Static Routing, DHCP Reservation, IPTV settings and VoIP.

This router uses Synology SRM operating system (Synology Router Manager), a Windows-like operating system with a similar way of operating system DSM (DiskStation Manager) is used to manage Synology NAS devices such as DS119j and DS1517 +.

If you access the router using a computer, you will be able to see items such as Network Center, Wi-Fi Connect, Control Panel, Package Center, Safe Access and SRM Help. In the Network Center section, you can view upload and download statistics, view device list, monitor CPU and memory usage, configure Internet settings, Port Forwarding and Local Area Network, and monitor Real-time network traffic statistics for each connected client.

Here, you can also configure Firewall and DoS (Denial of Service) settings, and enable FTP, WebDAV, Mac File Services, and Windows File Services.

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Wi-Fi Connect menu allows you to check wireless status and connection, select Wi-Fi channel, turn Smart Connect on / off, configure guest network, add new buttons, restart router and buttons . Use the Control Panel to add users, change passwords, manage file services and share USB storage, and configure email notifications.

Here you can also update the firmware and install the backup router. Package Center is where you go to download add-on applications like Cloud Station, Radius Server and Media Server.

Synology’s secure access provides powerful parental controls and malware protection. With it, you can create user profiles and assign devices to each user. From there, you can specify age-appropriate custom web filters or presets, set time quotas and visit schedules, and set limits for things like searches on You Tube, Bing, and Google.

You can also track things like personal surfing triggers, restricted website visits and time spent online. Safe Access also uses Google Safe Browsing and its intelligent threat database to protect your network from intrusions, malware, phishing sites, and unwanted apps. want another.

Synology MR2200ac is a great choice for users who want the simplicity of a home Wi-Fi system without sacrificing the advanced management settings you get with a traditional router. The MR2200ac’s dedicated 5GHz support band means more bandwidth for clients on the other two bands, and Synology’s Secure Access provides protection against intruders. desires, scams and other malware.

The MR2200ac also provides powerful parental controls with customizable website filters, online time quota, individual client activity monitoring and very easy to set up. Although the router only has one LAN port, this is not uncommon for a Wi-Fi system router.


◊ Easy to install.

◊ High performance.

◊ Lots of basic and advanced settings.

◊ Powerful parental controls.

◊ Comes with malware protection.


◊ There is only one LAN port.

◊ Normal design.

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