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HiFiMan launched the first True-Wireless headset, TWS600, connected to 150m, cost about 3 million VND

HiFiMan premium audio brand from China just jumped into the True-Wireless headset game called TWS600. The company's first True-Wireless headset offers extremely impressive connectivity with Bluetooth Class 1 with a distance of more than 150 meters. The product has an estimated price of about 899 RMB, equivalent to more than 3 million VND.

This is a surprising step for HiFiMan when this sound brand is often known for high-end headphones with thousands of dollars. For products TWS600 headphones redirected to follow the trend of modern technology, but according to its tradition, the sound quality of this headset model is also particularly focused in order to compete with the ear models. True-Wireless listening has a higher price

Inside the headset uses a special technology that enhances the Bluetooth chip inside True-Wireless headphones, to enhance RF reception capability for up to 150m connection distance. In addition, the TWS600 is equipped with technology that reduces ultra-low latency, allowing users to watch videos on their phones without delay, solving common problems when connected on. True-Wireless headphones in the mainstream segment.

According to founder and CEO of HiFiMan, Dr. Fang Bian shared about the latest earphones: "Currently there are many True-Wireless earphones on the market, so if we introduce a HiFiMan headset, the quality of this headset must exceed superior to competing headset models. With the TWS600, we have achieved the superior sound quality we want with the effort and creativity of our engineering team that we can offer users Bluetooth connectivity far beyond the ear. listen to another. ”

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Designed for fastidious audiophiles, the TWS600 is equipped with many unique technologies from its previous inear models to ensure high quality sound.

HiFiMan's diaphragm face is designed with a special structure and coated with a nanoparticle coating to make the details of the sound reproduced more precisely than other True-Wireless headphones. Advanced Alloy Voice Coil technology helps to increase the clarity of vocals as well as increase the full range of headphones. Hi-Tech Magnet helps increase the sensitivity of the headset, making it possible for headphones to play on sources with low output power but still retain the sound detail.

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The battery life of the TWS600 is up to 5.5 hours of continuous use in a single charge with an additional 33 hours of charging case included. Similar to the same True-Wireless headsets, the TWS600 also has light water resistance with IPX4, making it possible for users to use it when exercising, gym or walking in the rain.

The TWS600 is also a product that marks the new change of HiFiMan according to Dr. Bian: “This is the year that HiFiMan will change, investing more strongly in wireless audio. We believe that the new headphones will be audiophile-quality products designed for the most difficult ears, and will create the best products in the price range for all users. mind about style and features. ”

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The TWS600 will be launched for the first time at the upcoming CanJam SoCal and will be officially released in mid-July. Also, users can purchase the TWS600 combo with the famous RE600 headset at a price. The ant is only 199 USD, however the number of combos is extremely limited.


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