Hien’s son picked the ‘Urine’ Lamborghini Urus back to his palace on the occasion of the New Year of the Rat

(Techz.vn) On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the son of the rich man Show has rewarded himself a Lamborghini Urus after the end of 2019.

On his Instagram story at noon 30 Tet, Mr. Do Quang Vinh – the son of Hien is also a young businessman who shared the image of a luxurious yellow SUV with the subject line: “My baby is home” (Baby You have come home.)

It is known that this is the third Lamborghini Urus to Vietnam in the Year of the Pig (2019). Perhaps Mr. Vinh ordered earlier and was delivered on the 30th of Tet. With this new driver, a series of equipment that has never appeared in Vietnam is revealed.

Can clearly see the Lamborghini Urus of his son Show by yellow paint extremely prominent. The car has 23-inch multi-spoke wheels with contrasting black paint. Although the sixth “bride” is imported to Vietnam, the driver of his son Hien is the first and only Lamborghini Urus equipped with this multi-spoke rim.

Hien's son picked the bride Lamborghini Urus to the palace on the 30th of the New Year

Coming to Hanoi, Lamborghini Urus has been revealed new and never-before-seen equipment in Vietnam. Besides the exterior, the Urus of young businessman Do Quang Vinh has also brought a new look to the car interior for Lamborghini enthusiasts. Because before that, images of the interior compartment of this car had been posted and removed in a flash by the importer.

Hien's son picked the bride Lamborghini Urus to the palace on the 30th of the New Year

According to the revealed images, Urus is equipped with a quite unique steering wheel. Along with the different operating modes, suitable for many road surfaces including: Strada (street), Sport (sport), Corsa (race), Terra (dirt road), Sabbia (sand) and Neve (snow).

The power of this box driver comes from a twin-turbocharged V8. This engine produces 650 horsepower and 850 Nm. In addition, the car has an 8-speed automatic gearbox and a 4-wheel drive system all the time. It is unclear how much the son Hien elected to spend to bring her to the palace, but Urus was sold for 22 billion.


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