Hideo Kojima and Microsoft plan to develop new games?

There are rumors that the monster Hideo Kojima is currently planning to cooperate with Microsoft Corporation to release a completely new game.

According to many sources, Kojima Productions – the game development company of the monster masterpiece Hideo Kojima, currently planning to partner with Microsoft to release a brand new game. Although the agreement has not been officially signed yet, according to experts, most of the important terms have been completed. Accordingly, the parties only need to handle a few other small details.

Hideo Kojima and Microsoft plan to develop new games?  - Game worms

Talk about Mr. Hideo Kojima’s latest product. Up to now, there has not been much information about this project but that has not stopped the fan community from making many interesting conjectures. People think that this will most likely be a game that delves into the plot like the way the company did with the “walking simulation” game Death Stranding. In addition, many gamers are also looking forward to the release date of horror game PT (Silent Hill) to be revealed, of course the game will be renamed to avoid copyright issues with NSX Konami .

Hideo Kojima and Microsoft plan to develop new games?  - Game worms

As for Microsoft, it is known that not long ago, the technology corporation has successfully recruited mộ Kim Swift, one of the professional game designers, once helped Valve make the puzzle game Portal and the zombie shooter Left 4 Dead. Not only that, according to industry experts, it is very likely that Kim will directly work with Hideo Kojima to help him develop the unnamed project.

Currently, not only Microsoft but also the game company Kojima Productions has not officially revealed more information related to the aforementioned game. Hopefully in the near future, representatives of the companies will bring more interesting things, let’s wait and see!

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