CES 2021: 5 technology products specifically designed to prevent COVID-19

Hi-tech products specifically designed to prevent COVID-19

In the past 2020, the world has faced with the terrible COVID-19 epidemic and until now it cannot be ended. Facing this situation, many technology companies have specially created COVID-19 prevention products and introduced them in the CES 2021 event.

Razer’s high-tech N95 facemask

This mask is no different from a product out of a science fiction film. It has a transparent mode so that the opposite person can still see the wearer’s face. Attached inside the mask is the ventilation system, the air disinfection system. Of course, the product has the ability to protect people more optimally than conventional masks, not only from Covid virus infection but also designed for the purpose of fighting air pollution.

In terms of design, it also has super shimmering LED lights, increasing the modern and fictional look. The battery-powered mask is like a smart device.

The mask can be switched to a stylish and beautiful transparent mode

The toilet does not touch Kohler

The toilet toilet is a top hiding place for many viruses and bacteria. Right from the beginning of 2020, Kohler has introduced products like this. Kohler smart toilet completely does not require the user to touch anywhere can work well. Just manipulate your hands or voice to splash water or open the lid.

In addition, the toilet is also combined with other modern functions to protect health such as using electrolytic water and ultraviolet light to clean the interior and cleaning rod, ensuring hygiene. outstanding.

CES 2021: 5 technology products specifically designed to prevent COVID-19
Kohler toilets are beautiful in both design: modern and luxurious

High-tech sterilization steam machine

This product has 2 prominent representatives are the sterilization steam machine from Targus and Scosche. During the epidemic season, disinfectant spray becomes a familiar practice everywhere. But it is difficult for ordinary people to purchase a dedicated sterilizer. These products cater to that need. The sprayer is designed to be safe from chemicals, organic substances, and can be used for a wide variety of surfaces and spaces.

LG air filter mask

As a cult technology company, LG is also involved in the trend of page export during the season. The Korean brand’s COVID-19 prevention respirator also runs on batteries, and knows how to filter the air like Razer’s mask. It has decent battery life, up to 8 hours per full charge. But so far the company has not announced details of the selling price or date of sale in the market of the product.

LG facemasks feature a multi-layer advanced air filtration system
LG facemasks feature a multi-layer advanced air filtration system

MaskFone headset mask

Also continuing to be a mask, but this MaskFone is quite different from the two products above. If the Razer and LG masks are a combination of anti-Covid and anti-pollution, the MaskFone is combined with entertainment purposes, namely listening to music.

Wearing this mask, you can conveniently wear a mask while listening to music, answering calls. This way, the saliva or virus will not be released into the air – one of the causes of viral transmission.

This mask serves the needs of making calls and listening to music safely
This mask serves the needs of making calls and listening to music safely

BioButton health checker

It’s called a machine but this product is as small as a push button. Attach BioButton on the chest, the machine can fully check your health parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, sleep time, active activity. From there, the device can detect early risk symptoms of Covid-19 and even other diseases.

Prevention of COVID-19 is a battle for everyone, except for anyone. Hopefully with intelligent innovation, technology products can play an important part in this big battle.

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