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Here are 3 steps to help you calm your mind and go to sleep easily

Sarina is a senior executive. Recently, work was so busy that she often had trouble sleeping. "I feel exhausted to the extreme. Every night, every morning at 3 am I was woken up"Sarina shared.

"My head started whirling around in the list of things to 'do' or think again about what I didn't do well, things I wish I had said. I tried to go back to sleep but it was a useless effort.

I finally gave up and stood up. But that means my next working day will be very tiring. And I know I can't work best in that state".

Every night, every morning at 3 am I was woken up

Janice Marturano, founder and executive of Mindful Leadership, a non-profit leadership training organization knows exactly what Sarina is facing. "That's what I call" The brain wake call at 3 am"" she said.

Many people have trouble sleeping or wake up in the middle of the night. Marturano himself also struggled for years with this situation. Whatever you do, once your mind is awake and pushed into a circle of thought, you won't be able to return to sleep.

Gradually, you will lose the time that your body uses for the best recovery. The next day you become tired, lack of energy.

Sleeping pills are sometimes a useful solution. But you can't overuse sleeping pills too much, you will need a long-term and healthy solution. Marturano is holding an answer to the problem Sarina is having.

She tested a simple 3-step practice every night. And it helped her sleep well.

"When I had a good night's sleep, it was impressive, it immediately changed my experience the next day. I am not only more alert, but also more patient, wise and creative. "

Here is Marturano's 3-step method that she put into her Mindful Leadership training program:

Here are 3 steps to ease your mind and go to sleep easily - Photo 2.

Better sleeping will help you feel happier

Step 1: Do not leave any device including your smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop in your bedroom. Bedroom is not where they belong.

Do not let yourself see a message, an email or any news that appears on social networks before sleeping. Even putting these devices in the room makes your brain crave to turn them on.

What you need to do before you sleep is to relax, not to bother or bother your mind. So, isolate electronic devices.

Step 2: When you have settled in bed, focus on feeling the breath. Feel your breath inhale the muscles of your chest or abdomen, feel the release when you exhale.

Note, don't think about the breath or try to control it. Breathe as naturally as possible, just feel the feelings, not think about them.

Step 3: At first you will find it hard to relax, don't worry if your mind starts to make it busy itself. Every time thoughts are wandering into the head, ignore them and direct attention back to the feelings of the breath and gentle movement of the chest and abdomen.

It is important that you be patient with yourself. Don't worry if you find yourself pulling your mind back too much, this is also part of our exercise.

It doesn't matter how often you have to do it, just let thoughts go, but don't get caught up in them, let them go over your head.

Remind yourself that "Now is not the time for thoughts and worries. Now is the time to sleep".

Here are 3 steps to ease your mind and go to sleep easily - Photo 3.

Janice Marturano, founder and executive of Mindful Leadership

Above is Marturano's secret to help you sleep well. Persistently practice them every time you have trouble sleeping or you find your sleep interrupted. It may take a while for your mind to get used to these exercises. But if you do it successfully, the reward will be worth it.

There is nothing more precious than good nights, because adequate sleep and quality will give you not only physical health, but also mental alertness, concentration and refreshment. Above all, better sleep will make you feel happier.

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