Hepatitis: we know more about the virus D

Hepatitis: we know more about the virus D

To replicate in cells and spread in the body, the hepatitis D virus (VHD) has a very personal strategy. It uses the envelope of other viruses, in particular that of hepatitis B.

“HDV was discovered 40 years ago in patients previously diagnosed with hepatitis B”, recalls a press release from the National Agency for Research on AIDS and Hepatitis (ANRS), dated May 16, 2019.

Under his aegis, a team of French researchers has just shown, in mice, that this strategy also works with other viruses, notably that of hepatitis C and of the dengue (a disease transmitted by certain mosquitoes).

For researchers, “HDV is capable of being the satellite of viruses from different families of HBV, which opens up the possibility that it can associate with other human viruses. Thus, new pathogenesis scenarios and different modes of transmission, up toat presentunthinkable, are possible and must be sought “.

Researchers will now test this hypothesis in humans, using samples taken from patients with the hepatitis D virus.

Source: Nature Communications, May 8, 2019.

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