Helping caregivers: a first "respite home" opens its doors in France
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Helping caregivers: a first "respite home" opens its doors in France

The daily caregivers is often trying. They have to juggle to achieve the multiplicity of tasks they have to accomplish for the loved one they support, but also in their personal life. Hence a significant risk ofphysical and psychological exhaustion.

Caregivers finally taken care of

Created by the Fondation France RĂ©pit and managed, in partnership with the Fondation Ove, the first respite home in France has just opened, Monday, October 1, in the metropolis of Lyon, in Tassin-la-Demi-Lune : 41-43 avenue du 11 novembre 1918, tel. : 04 69 85 99 87.

She welcomes 7 days a week all year round, children and sick adults or with disabilities as well as their caregivers. These last are supported by a specialized team, in order to allow them to regain their strength and to get out of a grueling daily life.

The operating costs are covered by an approval from the Regional Health Agency. However, there is still 20 euros per day dependent on families who can be supported according to the mutual funds.

The permanent medical team allows caregivers to let go because they know that their sick loved one is in perfect medical safety.

Each person at his own pace

The Respite Home offers bedrooms and family studios, spaces for activities, relaxation, well-being, shared living spaces.

Patients and caregivers can be accommodated for up to 30 days a year in the Respite Center.

Other respite homes should be created in all French regions.

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