Hello November, good quotes, pictures about November

Hello November, good quotes, pictures about November

Say hello to November, the month of waiting, the month of remembrance, November of another year comes to make you sick and excited without words, let’s say hello to November with great words, pictures about the month. 11 key to filled with love, looking forward to a new month of joy and happiness.

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Surely, you are like me, wishing summer time pass quickly to enjoy the bright autumn air and looking forward to the feeling of wearing big coats when winter comes. When autumn and winter hit the alley, you are like dumbfounded when time goes by so fast, another winter comes again and want time to slow down to enjoy the cold forever. November comes, we together Hello November with good quotes and pictures about November Please.

Hello, stairs 11, say pictures or on stairs 11

Hello November with the flow of feelings filled with love

Hello November with good quotes, pictures about November

I. Good Sayings in November

1. In November, bring cold air, let someone’s hands warm each other. We welcome each other, look for each other, love each other in the afternoons back to the wind. November, I’m ready for the cold winter days! Let me reach out to welcome you.

2. November – the month of sweet love, the month of transformation when winter comes. In November, who still struggles to find themselves a warm hand, find themselves a gentle hug enough to find themselves out of the shadow when frozen.

=> Hello November with no hello November will be cold

Welcome to ladder 11, say you are good to go to ladder 11 2

Hello November

3. November were really bad days, even myself couldn’t stand up. Those days were lonely, lonely, making friends with sadness. I feel like I’m just a runaway. Then there was a day of crying silently in class, quietly bending down and wiping the tears quickly ? those were days of pressure, life disoriented and tasteless. ? just want to run to somewhere away from the present life.

And the times that blamed myself so much that it felt like if I weren’t me … ? I had such bad days.

4. November evokes nostalgia with a river imprinted with many transversal trips.

5. Last October …

Make room for the deep nostalgia of November
November – the month of cold early winds and the month of feast days …
November to bring many new things.
The light breeze blowing through can also feel a refreshing taste around us
Goodbye October – the month of budding love, hello November – the month of full of nostalgia.

6. November. I hope to be a month of hope … after all, years of suffering … I’ve got a generous … strong and warm embrace. Give yourself life … a love … you will be happy to bring joy to so many people … thank you.

7. Hello, November girl

Is it because I was born in a cold winter, so in my eyes there is always a sadness and sadness like the scenery of winter.

But how many people have seen me cry? I still hold myself up, sometimes the smile is forced, relaxed, self-centered, even though there are storms in me …

Hello girl – November girl! Keep loving, keep smiling! Always appreciate what you have! Love and love you – my lovely November girl!

Wish you the most meaningful wishes in this loving November.

hello ladder 11, match picture or come back 11 3

Good saying about November

8. Hello, November, the month of the murmuring winter winds … the month of sweet love. Cool.!!!

9. So November has returned. Every year, around the end of October, people often text me to see me. See you quickly, quickly, so November is too crowded, there is not enough time to meet all the relationships you want to meet. Or else, some of them left to go out for a month to celebrate their birthday, so we had to make an appointment a little earlier.

10. Hi November

Months of the last moments of golden autumn are slowly drifting along the rush of people.
Months of fond memories lingering in the eyes of the old.
The month of the early winter cold winds appeared in the foggy early mornings.

11. Hello NOVEMBER …. the month of love … inviting joy … hello the first week of November … a little chilly begins a new week … . a smile that will probably start to love …. the traumatic pain of OCTOBER …. Let the choked up feelings of November erase everything …. DIFFERENT Tears … and let’s WELCOME the whole family’s smile. COLORFUL I LOVE … love al everyone …..

Hello, ladder 11, say good pictures on stairs 11 4

Good saying about November

12. So November is over. There is not much time left until Tet, perhaps we will not be able to meet all the people like last month.

13 The petals fade quickly, you can fly away, will you go away forever … If only I once believed you, the girl I love is wind in the clouds …

=> This is the most emotional stt about the month of May

14. Hello, November, the month of the seasons of remember and love … Month of passionate longing or moments of extreme peace. Goodbye October, I come to November full of hope and love.

15. In November, bring cold air, let people and people warm each other. We welcome each other, look for each other, love each other in the windy afternoons.

=> In November, bring a lucky wind that makes people want to be closer together and this November sentence describes it.

16. Dear November, send it for me

A little nostalgia
A little compassion
A little love filled the depths
Hello – November guy

November is here, in addition to greeting November with good words, meaningful November STT, sending greetings at the beginning of the month to everyone will help you share your love and motivation for everyone, helping everyone to have a new month. much joy, happiness.

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II. Good pictures about November

Welcome to ladder 11, say goodbye to pictures on stairs 11 5

Nice photo in November

=> See more Welcome November pictures as no

hello ladder 11, say good pictures on stairs 11 6

Best photo in November

Hello, ladder 11, say good pictures

Facebook cover photo offers great November for Facebook

Welcome to ladder 11, say goodbye to pictures on stairs 11 8

Beautiful pictures in November

Hello, stairs 11, say pictures or come back to stairs 11 9

November theme wallpaper

Hello, stairs 11, say pictures or come back to stairs 11 10

Good November photo

Hello, stairs 11, say pictures or on stairs 11

Hello November photo

Hello, ladder 11, say good pictures

Hello November with beautiful pictures

III. Good poetry in November

November about the sun flooded the small street
Stir-fried charging and dyeing the pig wind
November is back, do you know
The season of love is filled with anticipation
November sweet flowers as urged
Back to the place of love O steps away

Hi November
The month of expectation never disappears
The month of the first days is cold
In November, a little warm sunshine, the wind will not relieve the cold heart
Soul silence, nostalgia filled by whom?

# 3.
A little startled, coming back in November, winter came
My hands are cold, can you hold it?
Do not be far away, to remember hoping for more deepness
November is back, let’s mount love.

# 4.
Hello November like jealous jealousy,
Out of sadness, she kept making love
The first month of winter makes eyes more black
Lips still lovingly call the boat to get to the dock!

# 5.
November about lingering who footsteps
Youth passed then also looked back a few times
The little heart desires and hopes
Stop waiting for happiness to spread incense
November hold on dear love
Leaning shoulder together, feet in step
Towards where the future lies ahead
Winter passed, spring came and brought flowers

# 6.
Let’s go to sleep, shy feelings
My hand lit a candle to light the love late at night
The night was fluttering, the moon missed the sad wind
Give me warmth in someone’s arms
For the fragrance to last all day long
November comes, call soft warm hands

# 7.
November is coming back
Northeast wind stray milk flower scent
The lucky pig in September is gone
The street was limp when the cold wind came

If you are wondering if you have not been able to think the saying, the November hello status, please refer to the good quotes, pictures about November above, surely status in November, this good saying will help you get a lot. feeling.


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