"Hello, Li Huanying" has a big difference in the viewing experience of the two generations! The children were moved to tears, and the parents thought it was a bad movie

“Hello, Li Huanying” has a big difference in the viewing experience of the two generations! The children were moved to tears, and the parents thought it was a bad movie

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“Hello, Li Huanying” can be said to be a dark horse in the Spring Festival movie. While the movie has made countless audiences laugh, it has also touched the weakness of many audiences. There were crying and laughing at the movie theater.

The performances of the leading actors Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei, Shen Teng and Chen He well demonstrated their solid comedy skills. The audience can also feel Jia Ling, who is both the director and screenwriter,’s unique insights into the film, and the perfect blend of laughs and tears, which is a shining beginning for the new director.

The theme of the movie is pessimistic. Jia Ling uses her biological mother Li Huanying as the main reference object, and Li Huanying is unfortunately killed in an accident at the age of 48. This has become a shortfall that Jia Ling can’t make up for in her life.

Fortunately, the content of the film is relatively euphemistic. In the film, Jia Xiaoling’s mother, Li Huanying, fell into a severe coma due to a car accident. The two traveled to 1981 to make up for their shortcomings.

After the film was released on Lunar New Year’s Day, although the box office and schedule were not as good as “Chinatown Detective 3”, its score was extremely high. Therefore, a few days after its release, the single-day box office and schedule rate quickly surpassed “Chinatown Detective 3”, until February On the evening of the 16th, the box office exceeded 2.1 billion, with a score of 8.2.

Although the film has received a lot of praise, people in different ages have very different feelings.

Watching “Hello, Li Huanying”, the younger generation unconsciously brought into Jia Xiaoling played by Jia Ling. They were moved to tears by watching the movie, and felt deeply that “the longest future in Japan is the biggest scam in life”.

As Wei Ya shared, in fact, most people are much luckier than Jia Ling. At least the beloved mother is still by her side and can do her filial piety in time. “Hello, Li Huanying” allows more people to understand the weight of family affection.

However, many older generations think the plot of “Hello, Li Huanying” is quite embarrassing. On February 16th, many viewers published articles revealing their parents’ feelings about watching the movie, and their parents showed contemptuous attitudes, even thinking that “Hello, Li Huanying” is a really bad movie.

Some parents think: “It’s too embarrassing to sit back and relax, the plot is random, and the nature is farce.” In fact, it is understandable to produce this kind of movie-watching experience. The emotions of the older generation are inherently introverted, and they dare not express their love. The true and exaggerated expression of emotion will make them feel uncomfortable.

Some parents think that spending a lot of money to watch a movie when the movie ticket premium is serious is tantamount to a “prodigal” behavior. If you use this money to buy some real things, it may be easier to promote family harmony. .

Because it’s not particularly emotional, many parents can’t feel the crying part of the movie at all, so they have to say to their children, “What are you crying? It’s like a crazy”, “You told me it was so expensive, I killed Wouldn’t come, so much money to buy me cigarettes is not good, do you have money to bite your pocket?” Similar verbal questioning.

Some parents believe that “Hello, Li Huanying”, a movie that mainly exaggerates maternal love, made his father’s situation uncomfortable. Jia Ling wrote Li Huanying as an omnipotent superman character, which is tantamount to making his father useless and ineffective. .

Moreover, perhaps many of the past of the parents are unbearable memories, but this movie has to use beautifying methods to let the parents go back to the past, which is very inappropriate.

Some netizens believe that the views output by “Hello, Li Huanying” are very problematic, which just shows that Jia Xiaoling is “selfish and terrifying”. Netizens believe that the main content of the film is that Jia Xiaoling “uses crossing as an excuse to wave the banner of love to deny the love of her parents.”

After learning that her mother was not doing well, Jia Xiaoling didn’t want to improve herself. Instead, she picked up her father’s idea and believed that the root cause of Li Huanying’s miserable life was that she did not marry a rich husband…

Although the viewing experience of the two generations of “Hello, Li Huanying” is very different and the controversy caused is huge, the film is open, and there is no final conclusion about which is right and wrong. It is worthy of recognition that Jia Ling used her own method to make Thousands of viewers across the country and around the world have known her best mother, Li Huanying, even if the movie gets bad reviews.


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