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Heineken acquires Peruvian beer brand in order to build a diversified product portfolio in the local area

Beijing News (Reporter Zheng Mingzhu) Heineken recently announced that it will enter the Peruvian beer market by acquiring local beer brand Tres Cruces and establishing a local operation team in Lima. Heineken stated that the goal is to build a diversified product portfolio of local beer brands in Peru, supplemented by a series of leading international brands.

In order to support its strategy in Peru, Heineken is establishing a strategic partnership with Peruvian beverage producer AJE Group (AJE). AJE is a leader in many non-alcoholic beverages and has a strong marketing and distribution network in Peru. Heineken stated that AJE will become its local sales and distribution partner in the country’s highly relevant traditional channels.

“While responding to the global COVID-19 crisis, we are also working for the future. Therefore, we will continue to expand our business in South America and enter strategic markets such as Peru. Peru’s demographics are in good condition and it is a promising beer market. . Our partnership with AJE will help our business development in this country.” said Marc Busin, president of Heineken Americas.

According to Heineken data, Peru has a population of 32 million. Peru is one of the largest beer markets in South America, with annual beer sales of approximately 1.4 billion liters, of which 40% are sold in Lima. This is the largest market in the region where Heineken has not yet operated. The high-end beer segment clearly lags behind, accounting for less than 4% of the total market.

Beijing News reporter Zheng Mingzhu

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