"Hefei Yuchi" received 10 million yuan in angel round financing, fancy the mainland magnetic levitation compound molecular pump market that exceeds 7 billion yuan per year

“Hefei Yuchi” received 10 million yuan in angel round financing, fancy the mainland magnetic levitation compound molecular pump market that exceeds 7 billion yuan per year

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Magnetic levitation compound molecular pump

36 Krypton learned that China’s magnetic levitation molecular pump and vacuum high-end equipment manufacturer “Hefei Yuchi” recently completed tens of millions of RMB in angel round financing, and the investor in this round is Hefei High-tech Datang Industry Fund. This round of financing will be mainly used for industrialization research and development, capacity expansion and market expansion.

“Hefei Yuchi” originated from the Molecular Pump Division of Beijing Beiyi Innovative Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd., the founder Liu Minqiang used to be the chief engineer of Beijing Beiyi Innovative Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. of Beijing Jingyi Group, and now serves as the secretary of the thin film committee of the Chinese Vacuum Society Director, Vice Chairman of China Electronic Special Equipment Association, Director of China Vacuum Society, Director of Beijing Vacuum Society, etc. At present, it mainly produces two categories of products: vacuum acquisition and vacuum equipment, which are widely used in semiconductors, industrial machinery, aerospace, electronic information, optical industry, metallurgy, household appliances, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, power environmental protection and new energy, etc. industry.

Magnetic levitation composite molecular pumps are core equipment in the fields of integrated circuits, flat panel displays, new energy, new materials, aerospace, etc., and have long been monopolized by foreign companies. According to statistics, a semiconductor 12-inch wafer manufacturing line with a capacity of 3.5K/month requires about 500-1000 high-end molecular pumps. According to customs statistics from 2017 to 19, the value of molecular pumps contained in the imports of semiconductor equipment alone is about 5-7 billion yuan. In addition to other markets, the annual market of magnetic levitation composite molecular pumps in the mainland exceeds 7 billion yuan, and it is rapidly increasing every year.

“Hefei Yuchi” has realized the transformation and application of magnetic levitation technology in the aerospace field to industrial products, and is currently in the stage of industrial development. Magnetic levitation molecular pump technology involves multidisciplinary cross-collaborative innovation, and has extremely high technology and production thresholds. Therefore, there are not many domestic teams that can truly achieve in-depth research. The Hefei Yuchi team joined forces with the Beihang Academician Magnetic Levitation Team (which has jointly completed the national tens of millions of magnetic levitation molecular pump instrument development projects) to conduct in-depth cooperation on the magnetic levitation compound molecular pump series products, and has a strong product development and field Promotion ability. 

The top companies in the global molecular pump market include Edwards in the United Kingdom, Pfeiffer and Leybold in Germany, Shimadzu and Osaka in Japan, and there is almost no localization rate of magnetic levitation molecular pumps. Hefei Yuchi told 36Kr that, compared with foreign advanced products, the current domestically produced magnetic levitation molecular pumps have little difference in technical performance indicators, but domestic products are in their infancy, and industry applications are almost zero, especially in high-end fields. Industry application data still has a big gap in industrialization and engineering experience.

According to the founder Liu Minqiang, “The company currently has 4 molecular pumps of 160mm/250mm/320mm/400mm, of which 320mm molecular pumps are the main product, with many applications. Mass production will be completed in 2021. At the same time, the company has become the first in China. It has achieved a technological breakthrough in the localization of 400mm molecular pumps. This is the domestically-made magnetic levitation molecular pump with the largest diameter and largest pumping capacity known in China.” The pumping capacity of molecular pumps is closely related to the caliber. 400mm molecular pumps are mainly used in some special fields, such as national defense, military industry and aerospace. 

The company has achieved revenues of over 10 million in 2019. Affected by the epidemic, the company will suspend operations in the first quarter of 2020, but overall revenue still has increased by more than 50% compared to 2019. 

The core team of Hefei Yuchi are all senior practitioners in the industry for many years with a comprehensive academic background. The founder used to be the chief engineer of Beijing Beiyi Innovation Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. of Beijing Jingyi Group, and then led the entire team to leave and start a business. The main members of the team have worked together for many years.

The founder said that the biggest challenge facing the company’s development now comes from industrial development. “The development of molecular pumps requires overall industrial coordination. It cannot be developed by one or two companies in the industry. I am most afraid of imbalances. The entire industrial chain must Breakthrough in localization.”


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