Heavy car brake: Cause and repair

Heavy car brake: Cause and repair

Heavy braking is a sign that there is a problem with the brakes, so check the cause and fix it as soon as possible.

Car brake systems must work in a harsh environment with high friction and high temperature. Therefore, if not regularly check and automobile brake maintenance periodically, the brake system will often experience malfunctions such as brake pedal is low or cantilever, brake assist bulb failed, the brake is cracked, the brake pads are worn out … The most common one is the heavy brake of the car.

The cause of car braking is heavy

There are many causes of heavy braking:

The brake assist bulb is malfunctioning

Normally brake car The problem is heavy brake assist. The job of brake assist is to amplify the force of the brake pedal, so that the driver does not need to spend a lot of effort on the brake pedal. Therefore, if brake assist is in trouble, the brakes will be heavy, requiring more force.

Usually braking is bad because the brake assist is problematic

The oil line is clogged

Another possible cause of car braking is clogged oil pipes. When the brake hose hose is blocked, the oil cannot transfer to the brake mechanism or the amount of oil delivered is insufficient. This causes heavy braking and requires a lot of effort from the driver to press the brake pedal. In addition, a vehicle that lacks brake fluid can also indirectly cause heavy braking.

The car is locked

Heavy braking can also be caused by car braking. Normally the brake pedal is released automatically when the driver releases the brake pedal. But if something goes wrong, the brake pads will not release or release slowly. The reason is mostly due to the pull-out spring or brake pedal return spring damaged, the child cylinder is damaged, the piston is stuck …

Heavy braking can also be caused by car braking

How to fix heavy brakes

When the weight of the brake pedal is greater than normal, many people often ignore it because it does not affect much. However, if not repaired, this problem can lead to other problems, making the damage more serious. To repair heavy brakes, it is necessary to first check the car brake system to determine the cause.

Drum brake

With drum brake, you need to determine the position of the brake cylinder, brake pads … Continue, remove the brake drum to check the wear of the brake pads, brake pads. If worn, need replacing. Check the brake cylinder for oil leaks. If so, it may be the cause of the brake being severe. In parallel, it is necessary to check the details such as the return spring (related to the brake lock phenomenon). If there is damage, it should be replaced.

To repair a heavy brake, check the springs carefully

Next remove the brake shoe spring. Check the spring for any problems and replace if necessary. Use a spanner to loosen the oil pipe fixing bolts and remove the oil hose to the brake cylinder. Next remove the bolt to take out the cylinder to check the wear and replace if necessary.

Check the brake booster to see if this is the cause of the heavy brake pedal. Use specialized equipment such as calipers, leaf aligners to measure power pump wear. You can also use the magnifying glass to check for cracks outside the power pump. If the cylinder is worn out, it can be welded, repaired, broken, the power pump must be replaced.

Disc brake

To check if the disc brake is heavy, check the brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid system and brake assist bulb. Because a problem in one of these parts will cause heavy braking of the car.

Inspection and repair of automobile brakes requires a certain technical understanding as well as tools and equipment. If you do not know much about the car, it is best to take your car to a reputable maintenance center for thorough inspection and repair.

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