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Heavily criticized, Burberry stopped burning inventories

Only last month, Burberry, a British fashion brand, announced it had burned $ 10 million worth of inventory, with justification to maintain brand value. But this action of the company met so strong criticism that Burberry had to change its tradition.

On September 6, 2018, Buberry suddenly announced that it would stop burning un-sold fashion items. This is contrary to the firm’s previous claims about handling inventories for the purpose of maintaining brand value, which is “rather burn out than sell at discount.”

Earlier, in an annual report in July, the most famous British fashion brand said the company had burned £ 28.6 million worth of clothes and cosmetics still in stock.

Not only Burberry, but two other high-end fashion brands, Richemont and Louis Vuitton, were also charged with destroying unsold watches and bags to avoid selling them at low prices. Even Nike is said to follow in these fashion brands.

Image: The Land Collective.

Currently, with the latest statement, Burberry limits the types of destruction products including Burberry branded goods and cosmetic products related to the terms of the contract with cosmetics company Coty. It will also stop selling leather and fur products. A Burberry spokesman said that when canceling its products, it would do “in a very responsible way”.

“Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible,” said Marco Gobbetti, Burberry’s chief executive.

Politicians and social experts argue that the actions of the famous British fashion brand show disrespect for their own products and the hard labor of workers, as well as the resources. nature has wasted.

For many consumers, especially young consumers who care about the environment and ethics, Burberry’s destruction of goods seriously affects the company’s image.

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