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Heartbreaking goodbye from the cult brand nearly 20 years old

The X-Men has been a popular brand since 2000, the stories of Xavier's special X-Men group still attract a large number of loyal fans whenever they go to theaters. However, since Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) withdrew from the game, fans' interest has gradually decreased.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix takes the time after the X-Men: Apocalypse event, at which time mutants are gradually recognized worldwide. In a special mission to rescue astronauts in space, the X-Men contacted a cosmic entity called Phoenix, which chose Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) as a creature. owner yourself. With enormous strength in her body Jean gradually lost control and began her journey to find her family and how to control her power. The X-Men once again had to choose to save her or stop the danger from Phoenix.

Wish the circuit is more united

Usually superhero movies will take comics as a basic line to develop the plot. However, the X-Men film circuit has gone too far from the original comic, so director Simon Kinberg cannot cling to the story to exploit the content. Instead Dark Phoenix created for himself a patchwork script on the plot of the previous film, X-Men: Last Stand (2006).

An unprecedented story in comics

The film has an exciting first half because it makes viewers curious about the power of Phoenix entities and more importantly, the film retains the interesting points of the X-Men series. However, as of Monday, the film began to show weaknesses in the script. The integration of the Skrull race to make a difference from the old film accidentally caused the film to slip down the slope without braking. Director Simon Kinberg was too rushed to cram an alien race into an explanation.

The villain is dim and confusing for viewers

The final battle of the film is also the X-Men 's journey to end the journey. Instead of having a full-scale glorious battle with all the characters in the Avengers: Endgame, we can only see a group of X-Men fighting the enemies under the complete muscle. Even the main element is Phoenix Phoenix, which is only symbolic throughout the film.

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The final battle of the X-Men has only 4 members

Some characters are … forgotten

A strong point of the superhero movie series is that each character has a very interesting story. You may have a changed Magneto from a terrorist who becomes a farmer and specializes in hiding, you also have a knowledgeable Professor X who always sacrifices himself for a great deal, even the story of Every young mutant is also very interesting.

But instead of taking advantage of that, director Simon Kinberg dropped all the stories of each character and went straight to the main issue. For characters that he does not know how to exploit, the director chooses to forget them from the beginning to the end of the film. The characters' characters are not clarified, making the viewer feel that the character has no depth.

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The characters are not fully utilized

It costs more …

With the budget of making movies quite economical, Dark Phoenix has brought completely cinematic experiences as expected. Movie images are completely not invested, combat segments are also minimized, even the use of special skills in the film makes it quite rough and simple that you can't believe this is a movie. The eye in 2019. The full cost of the image may have been poured into Phoenix to create CGI sequences by Jean Gray.

The low cost of investing in the film also made the film unfinished in terms of images, the simple costumes received many complaints right from the announcement. More and more, this factor is omitted and used plain clothes to reduce related costs.

"Brother" Magneto takes the whole movie

Unlike previous episodes, the X-Men did not have a lot of acting space to portray their characters. However, Michael Fassbender's role as Magneto is the most prominent when he still shows the cold and ruthless spirit of Magneto.

Magneto still shows his coldness

The Cyclops of Tye Sheridan and Nightcrawler of Jodi Smith-McPhee were also built better than the previous ones with a clear personality.

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And of course we can't watch Dark Phoenix without mentioning Jean Turner's Jean Gray. Throughout the film, she is shown to be a girl who is always afraid of everything, but later the element of panic disappears, and instead displays her Phoenix power.

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The movie is a bit fast with many different events, making it easy for the audience to get confused and not catch all the information. However, due to a lot of hugs, the film almost slipped its original story completely. It can be seen that Fox's X-Men: Dark Phoenix is ​​the end of Fox's X-Men franchise and returns to Disney for them to start a new story.

In summary, the film also succeeded in ending the Journey of the X-Men even though it was not as expected. Fans of the series that last for nearly 20 years can still see a symbolic scene between Magneto and Professor X.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is ​​a movie for those who want to follow the last journey of the X-Men. With what the film offers, viewers will definitely want to wait for the return of the X-Men in the Marvel cinema universe.

The movie officially starts on June 7 in theaters nationwide.

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