Homme avec une assurance vie et un surplus de poids

health problems, weight problem? Do not lie!

Man with life insurance and excess weight
Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Quebecers and Canadians find their insurance products at the best price.

Mr. Thibodeau wanted to take out life insurance online, without the assistance of any broker. Gold, after a few ordinary checks, the insurer suddenly realized that the Internet user wishing to insure was 6 feet tall but, above all, that he was swinging the scales at nearly 400 pounds. Two “details” (height and weight) that Mr. Thibodeau had knowingly omitted to include in his request, which automatically resulted in the cancellation of his insurance product (he was however entitled to a refund of the premiums he had paid).

More and more people want to take out life insurance through the Internet and therefore without having to undergo a medical examination. Among those some will continue to believe, wrongly, that they will be able to cover up certain facts about them (that they have diabetes, for example).

They may be able to fool the insurer, momentarily at least, but rest assured (no pun intended) that the members of their estate will sooner or later have to face reality and pay for the mess. when they receive, for example, the visit of some investigator specializing in the field of insurance fraud… which is saying a lot!

While it is certainly easier to buy life insurance for $ 25,000 than life insurance for $ 500,000, do you say that financial institutions allocate the same resources to try to flush out possible fraud, regardless of the amount of insurance. So I beg you, don’t try to disguise reality by subtracting 200 pounds from your actual weight (for example), and talk openly about your health issues, whatever they are. If so, you will pay the price sooner or later, just like your beneficiaries.

Don’t hesitate to declare everything, without trying to disguise the truth. This is your best assurance of getting … the best insurance!

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