"He wanted to check ownership of Crimea and was told"

"He wanted to check ownership of Crimea and was told"

“It is difficult to say exactly what happened after the destroyer HMS Defender was in Russian territorial waters, but it had to leave in a hurry. It seems that Britain wanted to verify ownership of Crimea and received it. convincing response from the Russians”.

This opinion was discussed by the director of Norway’s Fridtjof Nansen Institute – Ivar Neumann, who is considered an expert on Russian affairs, discussed the topic in an interview with Dagbladet newspaper.

“Russia considers Crimea to be its own, as agreed by the inhabitants of the peninsula, and most of the rest of the world,” the Norwegian press wrote, although the West still holds the view that Crimea belongs to Ukraine. .

Britain, where the politicians adopted the latter point of view, tried to prove their theory in practice, but they were quickly convinced by the action from Moscow.

Of course, so far, all of the aforementioned movements of Russian naval aviation and patrol ships have looked fairly innocuous, but it is very likely that a time of high tension will come when warning shots from either side will be fired. will be shot back for real.

“This game is about determining who owns Crimea… The danger is that at some point the two sides start shooting at the real target instead of being warned by volleys of bullets into the air, because ‘ The bank’ in this game is war”, Mr. Neumann said.

British frigate approaching Crimea is seen as a challenge to Russia’s sovereignty claims

Faced with the above situation, the Russian press commented that perhaps the action of the British Royal Navy ship was a kind of expression for the “unknown” pain of the British, when London could not forget the greatness of the empire. their fallen empire.

Recall that the British destroyer entered the territorial waters of the Russian Federation near the Crimean peninsula for 3 km, moreover it was present in the area that the Russian Ministry of Defense had previously declared closed for conducting operations. exercises, so Russia’s response is correct and necessary, Russian media affirmed.

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