He waited to open the door for Huawei, China urged

He waited to open the door for Huawei, China urged

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                        The Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom urged London to open for Huawei not to hear American calls.

He is still struggling to find a way to allow Huawei to build a national 5G network after the United States repeatedly threatens that opening the door to Huawei will cost Britain, exposing its nuclear secrets and intelligence.

He gave it to Huawei and China to signify
Huawei can still be open to London for a 5G network infrastructure deployment contract.

In efforts to push the London government early to make its final decision, Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming recently spoke out to protect Huawei. Liu said that banning Huawei would have a knockback effect on Britain, leaving London “buried in technological progress” only because of US threats.

The Chinese ambassador said that several countries had propagated the so-called “threat to Huawei” and spread a “cold war of science and technology”. They have tried to build a “barrier” for the global telecommunications industry. These statements and actions are very dangerous.

Liu added that Huawei’s security must be fairly judged. In the UK, Huawei has established a “Network Security Assessment Center” since 2010 and still works to this day. Huawei products are highly appreciated by British experts. Even British experts have assessed that the risks of Huawei’s products are manageable.

The Chinese ambassador also emphasized Huawei’s contribution to Britain. It is said that Huawei started its presence in the UK 20 years ago and contributes to its economy, society and telecommunications. The Chinese ambassador said this was a model of win-win cooperation between China and the UK, prompting the future of rapid cooperation between Huawei and the local government.

Liu Xiaoming’s statement was mentioned in an interview with the Telegraph, referring to concerns about Huawei products that the British government is concerned about. In particular, Mr. Liu Xiaoming spoke at the time of the first week of 2020, after the UK received warnings from the US about its plans to cooperate with Huawei.

In late 2019, when the UK intended to allow Huawei to participate in building the “non-core” infrastructure of the fifth generation of mobile networks (5G), a US adviser quickly warned that, London will have to “pay” if open to Huawei. The Chinese company will expose all nuclear secrets and British intelligence secrets because it is involved in building 5G network infrastructure.

Along with the Chinese ambassador to the UK, Chinese diplomats in Europe also voiced their support for Huawei and urged the EU not to hesitate to open up to China’s telecommunications company.

He gave it to Huawei and China to signify
Wang Weidong, Commercial Advisor of the Chinese Embassy in Germany

Wang Weidong, Commercial Advisor of the Chinese Embassy in Germany, also responded to the press during a meeting on January 6, 2020, emphasizing the good economic relations Huawei has with Europe to open the door. for Chinese companies to get contracts to develop 5G infrastructure.

Accordingly, he said that European countries have reaped great benefits from the Chinese market, so they should make a cautious choice between continuing to monitor the unjustified American bullying of the company. China or cooperation and achieve beneficial results with China in the future.

Even Germany, which showed its independence in the decision to open the door for Huawei, was under American pressure. The German government announced it had delayed Germany’s decision to deploy 5G and could ban Chinese technology companies until 2020. Some sources told the US media that the decision could be announced as early as January 2020.

Wang commented that banning Huawei from being justified by “national security” would be a decision “to discriminate and unfairly” with Chinese companies.

The adviser said that if Germany passed a law prohibiting Huawei from participating in building 5G without providing firm evidence, China would “not sit still”.

Global Times quoted Wang as saying: “If Huawei is excluded, they (Germany-ND) will issue both a false signal of protectionism and a negative message to China-Germany economic cooperation. and even create obstacles for bilateral relations. “

Meanwhile, the telecom network operators in the host country will have to spend more time and cost for the deployment of 5G.

“The time for 80 million consumers in Germany to receive a 5G signal will be delayed. More importantly, Germany may miss the opportunity to make digital transformation due to weak digital infrastructure” – Mr. Wang noted.

A Chinese official familiar with China’s policy towards Europe told the Global Times that Huawei’s problem has now become a political issue, not a purely technical one.

Cui Hongjian, EU director of research at the China International Research Institute in Beijing, said Chinese diplomats were trying to clarify their key points so that if the EU banned Huawei, it meant they were employment choices worsen ties with China. China is warning the EU to make a wise choice to balance interests between China and the US.

If tilted toward China, Europe would have many more economic benefits. If the EU welcomes Huawei, China-EU relations could enter a new era, where both sides will make much progress in the latest industrial revolution.

Zhao Junjie, a researcher at the European Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said: “Taking advantage of Huawei’s 5G power – the foundation for all technologies in the new industrial revolution. most – European countries like Germany, which excel in traditional manufacturing, will maintain their advantage in the new era ahead. “

However, with that decision, the EU will have to behave in order not to be too “out of phase” compared to the US – the partner is very unpredictable and always puts its interests first.



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