He still denied being shot by Russia, threatened to come again...Crimea

He still denied being shot by Russia, threatened to come again…Crimea

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on July 6 continued to refer to the case of the destroyer HMS Defender having an encounter with Russian defense forces in the waters near the Crimean peninsula.

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The location of the British ship was warned by Russia but denied.

According to Raab, the country’s ships will keep the route through the waters near the Crimean peninsula, despite the recent clash of the destroyer HMS Defender, according to Sputnik news agency.

“The HMS Defender used the shortest and most direct route. It is an internationally recognized traffic route. We have every right to pass through Ukraine’s territorial waters in accordance with international law. Those are the things what we will continue to do,” said Foreign Minister Raab.

Meanwhile, talking about the clash with Russia, the British Ministry of Defense once again confirmed that their ship was only making a voyage from Ukraine to Georgia and there was no warning shot from Russia at all.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that “it is not accurate to say that the HMS Defender was hit or that the ship was in Russian waters”.

The UK believes the shootings were caused by the Russian warship participating in a pre-announced exercise by Moscow, and that no bombs were dropped near the HMS Defender.

However, in a statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense on June 23, ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Navy and border guards of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) coordinated to prevent the behavior that Moscow considers it an “infringement of Russia’s national territory”.

Initially, the Russian forces issued a warning that they could deploy weapons to prevent the HMS Defender from continuing to “intrude into Russia’s territory”, but the British destroyer did not respond.

The Russian border patrol ship twice fired warning shots at the HMS Defender. After more than 10 minutes, a Russian naval aviation Su-24M aircraft conducted “intercept bombing” with four OFAB-250s “along the path” of the British destroyer. Less than five minutes later, the MHS Defender “left the border of Russian territorial waters”, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russia’s FSB also released a video showing that the HMS Defender ignored Russian warnings and only left the waters near Crimea after Russia dropped warning bombs.

Nearly two weeks after the incident, the US Navy revealed rather surprising information that a US warship operating in the area near HMS Defender was closely monitoring the situation and was ready to fire in response if Russia attacked the British destroyer HMS Defender.

The shocking information was revealed by former US Navy officer Harry Tabakh in an interview with Ukraine’s Apostrophe newspaper.

According to what was said by a former US Navy officer, all activities of British warships are closely monitored by the US Army and are always ready to protect if there is an unusual incident.

The admission of the American officer once again proves the Russian statement that, without the agreement and consent of the American elder brother, the HMS Defender does not dare to enter Russian territorial waters.

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