He was a two-man man with a history related to me because he was filled with picture 1Statue of two politicians British colonial period are John Cass (left) and William Beckford (right). (Source: Metro / TTXVN)

London financial district executive board in London, UK plans to relocate two British colonial politicians linked to the historical slave possession issue.

On January 21, the council voted on the removal of statues of 17th and 18th century politicians William Beckford – former mayor of London enriched by slave exploitation on a Jamaican plantation – and John Cass – an MP and also a core member of the Royal African Company slave trade in the 17th century.

Since September of last year, the London Financial District Council has started to consult with citizens on whether to remove or rename buildings related to colonial slavery.

Since last year, there have been many calls for the dismantlement of monuments related to the British colonial past after the statue of slave trader Edward Colston was pulled down during the demonstration. love against racism in London.

This is one of many anti-protests around the world racism and injustice, which erupted after the death of black citizen George Floyd, caused by white policemen in America.

Before that, a campaign to dismantle the William Beckford statue from the Guildhall public building was also started. This is a politician from the 18th century.

He served twice as Mayor of London and owned a great fortune with many Jamaican plantations and thousands of slaves.

Thanh Hai (VNA / Vietnam +)