He personally made 11 apprentices popular, and only one person at the 60th birthday, netizens: ungrateful

He personally made 11 apprentices popular, and only one person at the 60th birthday, netizens: ungrateful

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The passage of time is merciless. Everyone can’t escape the fate of getting old. When a person is young, he may be full of spirits, or solitary, without the company of others, but once he is old, he will become more than he was young. It is easier to be lonely and needs company more. Therefore, when the parents are old, children should accompany their parents more and go home to see them more. For a master who is a teacher for a day and a father for life, apprentices should also visit them frequently, so that they can be said to have fulfilled their filial piety.

In fact, when it comes to Feng Gong, everyone may know that he was once a frequent visitor to the Spring Festival Gala, and the beautiful girl always said “I want to kill you”. In fact, many audiences liked him very much. Once on the Spring Festival Gala stage with no traffic, there was a lot of laughter. Yes, many artists have been born, and many people will be really excited about the Spring Festival Gala. But now the Spring Festival Gala has completely changed its flavor, because it’s all fresh meat, and there are fewer people who can really amuse it. In fact, Feng Gong used to talk about cross talk with Niu Herd, and he might have revealed his age. I liked his cross talk very much at the time, but the combination of the two fell apart. However, Feng Gong did not leave the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. From 1986 to 2018, he participated in the Spring Festival Gala for 33 consecutive years, and he has never been absent.

In fact, Feng Gong is also from a famous family. He learned cross talk from Ma Ji since he was a child, and later won many awards. He is also a national first-class actor.

In fact, when talking about cross talk now, everyone may think of Deyun Society and Guo Degang, but Deyun Society has only become popular in recent years. How about before him?

Actually, Feng Gong’s cross talk was also very good, and he also accepted apprentices, but it was not as full of peach and plum as Deyun Society. Feng Gong only accepted 11 apprentices, because his requirements are very strict, so not everyone can see him. In fact, Feng Gong was right in seeing people. Each of these apprentices were very talented, and in the end they all became popular. For example, Jia Ling, Bai Kainan and Pan Binlong are familiar to everyone.

In fact, Feng Gong treats these 11 disciples equally and teaches them all. Everyone knows that it takes a long time to train an apprentice. He is also very good to his own apprentices. Because of his teaching, his apprentices can be changed. It’s very hot.

But at Feng Gong’s 60th birthday, at such an important scene, only one of Feng Gong’s disciples was present. Although everyone is very busy now, but one day as a teacher and a lifelong father, shouldn’t you be absent on such an important day as the teacher’s 60th birthday? The scene must be very sad. I don’t know how Feng Gong felt when he saw his apprentices treat him this way. Netizens also criticized these apprentices for being too ungrateful!

In fact, this is the case in the entertainment industry. Even if you use your sincerity, you don’t necessarily get your sincerity, but Feng Gong treats these apprentices sincerely. Perhaps these apprentices are too busy and have no time, but they have already sent blessings to the teacher. After all, modern people are really busy. , I can’t spend it with my teacher’s birthday.


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