He ignited the flames of tensions with China

He ignited the flames of tensions with China

The Times recently cited sources showing that British officials are investigating scientists at more than 12 universities in the country on suspicions that they may have inadvertently transferred military technology to the Chinese government. .

He has a delicious meal with China
China’s DF-17 supersonic missile.

Specifically, nearly 200 British scientists are suspected of violating export laws when dealing with Chinese companies.

UK export laws are inherently stringent to protect intellectual property and to transfer data from leading research in the field of advanced military technology, including those related to aircraft. Rocket and weapon design.

“In the near future, we could see dozens of scientists appear in court. If at least 10% of the cases are prosecuted, about 20 scientists will go to prison for helping the Chinese to create. super weapon ”, the source said.

In addition, the source noted that exporters of military products and those involved in the transfer of military technology covered by the Export Control Act of 2008 require an export license or export license. Technology transfer from UK.

According to the release, those who break the law could face up to 10 years in prison.

The Chairman of the British House Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr. Tom Tugendhat, warned that the country is making a mistake when universities are too open and risk handing over advanced technology secrets to foreign countries.

A UK Government spokesman told The Times: “Exporters of military goods and those involved in the transfer of military technology covered by the 2008 Export Control Order require paperwork. export or transfer from the UK. “

The British government opened a university investigation after the Henry Jackson Society, a research organization that released its report in October 2020, criticized the government for failing to hold accountable scholars violating export control regulations. import.

At the same time, according to a report by the British organization Civitas, it has also revealed the incredible level of ongoing cooperation between British universities and Chinese research institutions closely linked to the Chinese military. National.

Civitas said 14 of the top 24 universities in the UK had connections with Chinese arms companies and research centers related to the program to develop nuclear weapons and future military technology.

Civitas also warned that British university research was in danger of falling into Beijing’s hands, helping China strengthen its military capabilities and gain an advantage in the development of hypersonic missiles, radar jamming systems, Robots, spaceships and stealth aircraft.

Radomir Tylecote, the lead author of the Civitas study, also a former US Treasury official, is concerned that research funded by Chinese institutions could be used with “dual goals” including military power.

Potential problems with hypersonic technology research in the UK are also at a time when Beijing is looking to develop hypersonic rockets and research graphene while the material is beginning to be used on armored helicopters. of China.

The University of Manchester last week canceled its deal with China Electronics Technology Company after receiving a warning from the government. The latest developments may entail tense stance between allied nation America and China.



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