India has one more sad record day: Nearly 380,000 new infections on April 29

He gives India an additional 1,000 ventilators

The UK government said on May 2 that the country would send another 1,000 ventilators to India to increase support as the nation’s health care system in South Asia struggles to cope with the COVID-19 spike in cases.

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India has reported more than 300,000 new cases daily for more than 10 days in a row, leaving the country’s hospitals, morgue and crematorium in overdrive.

The British government had previously agreed to send 600 medical devices to India, including ventilators and oxygen generators.

“This assistance will help to respond to urgently some urgent needs of India, especially oxygen for the patient”Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said in a statement. “We are determined to help Indian friends in the time they need them.”

Other countries, including the US, Germany and Pakistan, are also providing aid to India, as the country’s daily number of new infections has risen to more than 400,000, with a total of more than 215,000 deaths.

The latest support from the UK comes before a phone call between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, scheduled to take place on May 4, which will consider deepening. sharper than the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

The call would replace a direct visit by Prime Minister Johnson to India, which was scheduled for April 2021, but had to be canceled due to the spread of the epidemic in India.

Modi’s government did not impose a nationwide blockade, but nearly 10 allied states and territories in the country have imposed themselves several measures to curb the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to Reuters,

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