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He expelled 3 CCP agents pretending to be reporters


British media revealed that in the past year, three Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents pretending to be media reporters infiltrated the UK, after their real identities were discovered by British intelligence agencies, All three were expelled.

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On February 5, the British Telegraph reported that 3 CCP agents, all intelligence agents of the Beijing National Security Department (MSS), applied for a press visa under the pretext of working in the media. and to England.

According to a senior official in the British Government, these 3 spies claim to be “Worked for three different media outlets of the CCP.” However, their true identities were discovered by Britain’s MI5 counterintelligence agency, and they were forced to return to Mainland China. The Telegraph reported that the three media channels of the CCP they claim to work with may also be colluding with these spies.

This information was revealed at a time when Britain became increasingly concerned about economic espionage and theft of the CCP’s intellectual property rights.

The British government is considering a similar proposal, the source said “Law on registration of foreign representatives” US style, would force lobbyists working on behalf of a foreign government to register, or face sanctions such as imprisonment or deportation.

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British officials also revealed that the CCP intelligence agents engaged in covert operations in the West often use the name “Communication work” to cover up their real activities, this is a common method of camouflage.

For example, last year, Fraser Cameron, a former MI6 intelligence officer, was accused of selling secrets to two CCP agents based in Belgium, and at the time they were also “journalist”.

On Thursday (Feb. 4), British Communications Authority Ofcom revoked the China Global Television Network (CGTN) broadcasting license in the country, citing the channel being under control. of China Central Television (CCTV), which is dominated by the CCP government. This incident angered the CCP.

Ofcom said: “Our investigation revealed that a license for the China Global Television Network (CGTN) service is in the hands of an organization that does not have editorial control over its own programs.” “We cannot approve the license for CGTN, because the ultimate control of this channel is in the hands of the CCP. The UK Broadcasting Regulations do not allow this. ”

The Times reported on January 31 that the UK will announce a new policy on February 15 to tighten visas for international students or Chinese research staff “can join espionage ”. Their current visa may even be revoked. This policy could prevent thousands of Chinese scholars and researchers from entering the UK.

Linyi, Epoch Times

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