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HCM: Invite offline registration to experience Oppo Reno & Reno Zoom 10x, lots of gifts waiting for you

Please register for offline access to Oppo Reno Series – the latest OPPO smartphones, understand the feature of Zoom 10x on Reno Zoom 10x. In Offline, I and mod @vitaminSea will share and answer some of your questions directly after the time on hand + experience this machine. This offline is organized by Exquisite and OPPO, so I also have some gifts for you. In addition, the participants participating in answering / asking questions and mini games in the offline session will also receive many gifts.

You just need to click on the registration above. See you this Saturday! Mod will announce the selected list as well as phone calls, emails, text messages. If you want more information about Oppo Reno, see the article here for normal Reno here and for Reno Zoom 10x.

Basic information:
Offline content: Offline seriously OPPO Reno
Time: 8:30 – 11:30, Saturday morning – June 15, 2019
Place: Exquisite Cafe – 209 NKKN, Q3
Gift: 3 Bluetooth Speakers Divoom, 10 Bluetooth Recci headphones. Unveiled is a super cute and unique speaker: 3 hi.

Country: You get free coffee and fruit.

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