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HBO GO movies are already available on FPT Play, giving free preview, please enter the code

From now on, we have a more convenient way to view exclusive content on HBO GO because it has been integrated into FPT Play. In addition to individual films and films, FPT Play has added HBO Go with many popular titles like Game of Throne in all seasons, West World, Rome, Broadway of Empire, etc. In addition, there are even movies.

Those who want to see it use code HBOGO to enter and see. This is the test code and currently only limited to 5000 accounts, quick brothers and sisters.

Currently, FPT Play has many platforms, from FPT Playbox, Android, AndroidTV, iOS and the whole web, all received this update. I try to see Game Of Throne, there are probably Vietnamese subtitles, the highest quality is 1080p. Pretty much the beginning of the movie to watch. I have tried to test the current FPT for demo, and in July will officially launch and do not know what the price will be. However, this is a good sign for the brothers who love HBO movies without prior political conditions to consider. On the other hand, FPT Play's addition of HBO GO will help them to add more points to users, competing better with Netflix which is popular in our country today.

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